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2015 Lighting Reel
I am currently a lighting artist at Blizzard, but this is some of my completed work I have done for Blur as a Scene Assembler.
D-Lite Assembly Video
Samet A.S
The assembly video to new lift system (D-Lite Lift) of Samet.
Boomerang Case: Origin
Some time ago the good people over at Boomerang Case approached me and asked for a promotion video featuring their new multi functional iPhone case. The result, after a fast turnaround, was Boomerang Case: Origin.
Silverwing Logo Animation
This is the current Silverwing Logo Opener.
Unforgotten Heritage
iddqd studio
A project in which we intend to spotlight some of the extraordinary architectural masterpieces of the previous times that are still glaring even through the shadow of their oblivion.
P+ yogourt
Miysis created this 3D animation for Cremo via the communication agency Com-On emphasizing their protein-rich P+ yogourt in a fun and engaging way. Hope you like it ;)
3D Videogame store
This is my last personal work, 1:48 seconds audio-video 720p , I hope that you like it!
Geek Room
This is my last personal work, I spent about 4 months working on it and more than 70 hours rendering, hope you like it!
Winter Chalet
With the best wishes we conclude this year and thank all our artists, clients and friends for a successful 12 months of great projects.
Old Brazilian Kitchen
This is a typical kitchen of the interior of Minas Gerais, one of the main states in Brazil.
Whale Shark Studio
Once the pride of former Yugoslavia's architecture The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade now rests in ruins, desperately awaiting much needed repairs.
Louvre Architectural Film
The Neighbourhood
My first attempt at animation to learn new skills and keep improving my skills as a 3D artist.
We finally managed to wrap up our Velociraptor feature. Our little friend was fully handmade from scratch to be implemented in an augmented reality installation.
Trailer Mobitec
Miysis presents you a 3D animation illustrating in a dynamic and entertaining way the Mobitec range of furniture.
Animation for new design of a multifunctional building located in laDefense, Paris
Demo Reel & Breakdown
El Dorado
Our last work VFX Demo Reel & Breakdown
Wall panels
Miysis presents you a series of 3d interior images created for NMC. These images showcase their wall panels placed in various contexts. Animation:
2014 Lighting Reel
My Name is Darryl Johnson and I am a Scene Assembler over at Blur Studios. This last year I have been living my dream and more. I still have more in me so please keep your eyes open for anything new coming from my way.
Butterfly - The short film
Thi Lima - Design 3D & Animation
An outstanding project designed by Thiago lima, a great Brazilian 3d artist. When he was just a kid, he painted butterflies in a nice way...
Miysis made this video for Griesser. We showcase their different kinds of components through a very photorealistic 3D animation.
3D Medical
We create 3D medical images and animations allowing you to present your procedure dynamically and user-friendly.
Joshua PLanz & John Mattiuzzi
A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world. Please keep in mind this film has 2 directors: Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi
WRECK-LESS Vehicle Design: Selim Benhabib -
The Resort
3DQ CGPhotography
Non Commercial project inspired by Patricia Urquiola.
ARS  Reel 2014
Architectural Visualization Reel 2014 from ARS studio.
San Lazaro III
GAYARRE infografia
Block of flats close to the river. Finally, part one and two has been joined for the final product. Architectural animation with real footage and video montages.
Get The Real CGI
This short animation is made completely in 3d. I’ve spent some time to create nice grass/bushes/trees elements pretty much from the scratch. Animation was made as a promotional clip of noemotion.
Arch Reel 2014
One of best studios in the field of architectural visualization and not only is proud to present on Vray World its architectural Showreel for 2013-2014.
3d Showreel 2013-2014
This is our latest 3d-Showreel 2013-2014.
Alone - The Movie
GAYARRE infografia
Our latest architectural animation. Alot of work during alot of time, a few people were involved in the creation of this project.
Vray Demo Reel
Pluto Post
The is a demo reel of projects I have worked on while at Pluto Post along with some personal projects of my own. A lot of this work used multiple pieces of software but all of it was done with Vray The Pluto Post team consisted of myself, Chad Wanstreet, Jared Trip, James Vecore, Ian O'Malley.
Reel V-Ray
Tunche Films
Reel of work done in Vray, which were performed with the post production team Tunche Films producer of Peru.
1 minute of Bilbao
A short side project we did in our studio a while back.
Viaduc De Millau
A short movie I made in my free time after building the Bridge last year.
An amazing animation created by xoio. Watch the video and see how professionally the artists work.
Northern Space
T.R.Y project is a personal project I created in my free time.
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