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Smoking Space Man
Rendering Action
The scene was entirely modeled in 3D Studio Max, the lighting is done with Vray and Vray light hdri, rendering was done with render element and post produced in layers in Photoshop.
Jordan concept
Freelance Artist
A project concept of Jordan shoes, i made it in Cinema 4D and vray. its a personal work inspired in contrast colors everything is designed by me.
Miysis made this 3d picture for Griesser Group (a Swiss manufacturer of sun blinds).
Personal work realized by Miysis. We try to make chocolates as photorealist as possible.
Yamaha Soavo Serie
Freelance Artist
It's a personal project, which made for parties and to try vray 3.0 I decided to give it form and meaning, thought in images of catalog and that was my emphasis. Thank you.
New old
Elysian Studio
Not the old, not the new.
Molten Chocolate
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Molten Chocolate | Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
SFCD  Studio
Hi there guys. Today i very excited to share with you fresh full CGI piece that I've done for Hope you like it!
Beats Solo HD
Unique 3D Studio
3D Work produced by Unique - 3D Studio. Copyright work without commercial porpose. Art Direction, modeling and render production - Jimmy Ribas
Vizpark Rreal Fruits
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Molten Chocolate Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
Misfit Shine
One of the recent visualization project, great tiny activity tracker called Misfit Shine.
Watch Romain Jerome
Unique 3D Studio
3D Work produced by Unique - 3D Studio using reference image Romain Jerome. Copyright work without commercial propose. Art Direction and render production - Jimmy Ribas (Video) Art Direction, modeling, and video editing - Julio Cesar Dubiella.
Freelance Artist
I wanted to make bubble drinks! So champain is perfect because it looks stylish.
Ice watch
3Danimation realised by Miysis Studio 3D for Ice-Watch .Miysis created a mechanical journey inside the famous Ice-Watch Sili.
Amazing sound
Personal work. Description model: Vestax VCI-380 The Vestax Corporation of Japan began in 1977 as a designer and manufacturer of electronic.
Domino icecream
hi guys , at the last days of past year , i had new order from DOMINO ICE CREAM brand for new product ( VICTORIA ).
3D visualization of a Breitling by Miysis.
Watch visualisation project
Let´s Rock
3DC Studio
Modelling & Rendering practice of a Beogram 1203.
A cup of tea
Interior Delight
Recently I came across a photo featuring a pretty, red polka dot teapot from which tea was pouring into an equally pretty tea cup.
Ceramic Tiles
Perseverance - Design
Project for catalog of ceramic products, set of 5 images of 15 developed for the same project. Greetings!
Breakfast Table
Freelance Artist
this render has been done for V-ray tutorials workshop #8 :)
Flap Back Chair
We were looking for a different and nice looking chair design for modeling during free time.
IWC Pilot Watch
Helix 3D
This project is a scene made for 3ds max 2014 book.
Cocktails in Water
Freelance Artist
This is commercial project for Zino cocktail bar in iran .
Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Rendering Action
My Latest Project in studio lighting environment.
Les Arc Chairs
N Arsov
The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living.
Still Life
iddqd studio
A still like render in which i also practiced my First steps in Mari.
Luxury 24 Carat Gold Drink
The last weeks we've worked on several marketing images for the luxus energy drink "Louis XIV".
iddqd studio
Hi guys this is my last personal project trying to practice modelling and rendering of a corn.
Rendering Action
The inspiration comes from observing the chair that Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe actress) often sits in the television series.
Just eggs
Just eggs and do some tests!
Slice Chair
A+ Studio
Chair designed by myself. You can find download link and other references on my behance page.
Temporis Filia Veritas
Vapoint studio
My Last project. I hope that you like it.
Commodore D. 1530
The Commodore 1530 (C2N) Datasette (a portmanteau of data and cassette), was Commodore's dedicated computer tape drive.
Mickey Mouse
Freelance artist
Mickey Mouse Under Construction
Boombox Sanyo
This project is a personal work, trying to remember a bit of my childhood with boombox 80, was taken into account the topology and object details and texturing.
Fibrha Studio
Madara is one of the fibrha´s bed pack 01.
Splashing Study
Unique 3D Studio
I created this scene to study rendering products and creating splash in RealFlow
First Marriage Morning
Freelance Artist
An old work. I hope that you like it. Feel free to comment.
Concept design iPhone Pro
Rendering Action
Concept design inspired on the model designed by Antonio De Rosa.
Arik Ben Simhon furniture
Pressenter Design
Interior renders of three furniture models from Arik Ben Simhon, created for a private client.
Fireplace Invicta Siam
I made this model for a project you can buy it in my blog.
Suicide Bulb
Freelance Artist
This is my last personal project.
Fanta & Coca
Freelance Artist
I made this project for Fanta Company in Iran in 2012. I hope you enjoy it.
Picnic Basket
Freelance Artist
Some models made in my free time. Hope you like it.
Furniture Visualization
Sergey 3D
3d visualization and simulation furniture catalog.
This work was really demanding. I hope you’ll like it and enjoy it!
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