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NSG - Easy Space
Millarc Visual Communication
Set of renderings showing new furniture series - Easy Space.
Pyramid 02
Pyramid 2 is a spare time design / modeling / texturing / shading project.
Samsung Galaxy S6
Romy Tesei Studio
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Direction, LookDev, Set design, Lighting & Shading, Rendering, Compositing.
Lipton Ice Tea
Romy Tesei Studio
Our Last project, we hope that you like it!
AlphaBox Image Video
Samet A.S
AlphaBox New Generation Drawer Systems, ahead of its time design with minimalist form. Alphabox provides an innovative and ideal touch to living areas with its perfect motion technology and modern lines.
Teal Table
Zima Group
Workshop tutorial.
Veloce Mechanica
Freelance Artist
I've always been a wrist watch fanatic, specifically those who's heritage and design were rooted in motorsports and aviation.
HM4 Thunderbolt
Personal work,testing particles using pArray, Scatter all native tools 3d max.
Impro Hinge Systems
Samet A.S
Impro Adjustable Soft Close Hinge System.
Alphabox Drawer System
Samet A.S
Alphabox New Generation Drawer Systems by Samet A.S
Apelles kitchen
For a company Alveus our team prepared visualizations of kitchen presenting products from line Apelles. Visuals are prepared in high resolution, taking care of every small details.
KORG minilogue CGI
Freelance Artist
My Personal Project KORG minilogue CGI Visualization.
Nature Morte
William Binet Infographiste 3D
Hi everyone, Here is my last work 'Nature Morte'.
Sci Fi R Logo Subdivision Surface modeled in C4D.
The Glenlivet XXV
Freelance Artist
I decided to model my own timepiece, to expand my portfolio and further develop my 3D skills.
Frying Pan
This is my last project, I hope that you like it!
S8 Stellar - Earbuds
Freelance Artist
These are concept earbuds I created to explore in more detail the fashion aspects of what earbuds could be with a special emphasis on color, geometry and simplicity vs complexity.
Rada Doors Contest
Freelance artist
A few visualization I did for a RADA DOORS contst. Interior design and vizualization by me.
Diamond Rings
Visualisation of diamond rings. Modeled with Maxon Cinema 4D Rendered with Octane Render Color correction and postwork in Adobe After-Effects Resolution FullHD 1920 X 1080 px / 4K Rendertime ca. 10-15 min
Victorinox CGI Product
Albuq 3dart Studio
Product CGI, Watch sport Victorinox
Arctic Ice Water
Product Visualization for OhMyBrand company. I was responsible for creating concept of visualization (theme, mood, style etc), and then have created series of images.
Doors 2015
Hello, we present visuals done for polish manufacturer of doors – “Vox door & profiles” in 2015
Hello, we present project of complete set of visuals for jcollection company. The subject of the project are leather furniture. Our aim was to match every single detail of real product.
Window Blinds
For a company Aikon Distribution we prepared visualizations of window blinds.
Workshop triptych
Hello, Here are my last renders ready for print. Triptych on the theme of the workshop.
Contax I
Freelance Artist
Experimental Work for Photo-realistic rendering and lighting.
Armstrong acoustic wall
Miysis realized these pictures for Armstrong (manufacturer of acoustic wall and roof panels).
Freelance Artist
This is what I remember about my childhood!
Seiko Premier
Freelance Artist
I decided to model my own timepiece, to expand my portfolio and further develop my 3D skills.
Classic boot
This is a personal work. The target was try to create my "own workflow" among Cinema-Zbrush-Vray.
Scent of the sea
Bluemotion srl
An airy space in the dunes of the ocean.
Still Life
Freelance Artist
A quick little texturing and lighting project. Inspirations from Sania Pell.
Griesser Blinds
This picture was created by Miysis for Griesser. The product is set in a suitable context to showcase its use. Hope you like it :)
Perfume in summer
Freelance Artist
My last personal work, I hope that you like it.
Bolex Camera
Freelance Artist
A small 3D project I have been working on. I love vintage cameras and thought this would make a great piece.
Two vintage cups
Freelance Artist
Modeling and textures 3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop and rendering is Octane render Render Time 12 min.
N3 Design
Russian pistol MP-443
We present a complete render session from the new collection of doors Foresta made for the polish manufacturer
I did this project for a challenge called "Realistic food Challenge".
Old things
Freelance Artist
This is my personal project for modeling and rendering testing purpose.
Griesser Blinds
These pictures were created by Miysis for Griesser. The product is set in a suitable context to showcase its use.
Pizza Time
Freelance Artist
It took us 2 days to get this result. Render time: 17 min I benefit from photo reference I found on the internet.
The Cedar Duty
Pour them from the winery , which was written about, when tasted, scream “We Want More”.
Food Typography
Freelance Artist
It took us 5 days to get this result. Render time: 45 min I benefit from photo reference I found on the internet.
La Marzocco GS3
AX2 Studio
Do you like coffee? I do! Recent work I did for LA MARZOCCO USA, some images of the GS3 Espresso Machine. .
Miysis presents this 3d animation made for Patton (brand bought by #IceWatch).
Dessert Pictures
Freelance Artist
The first attempts with a culinary photography... Bon appétit!
Dovre - Stoves
The internationally known supplier of inserts and stoves, Dovre, find the origins in the severe winters in the far north regions.
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