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La Dolce Vita
Freelance Artist
This is my entry for the annual Humster3D competition. I chose the beautiful 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.
Dodge Charger RT69
Freelance Artist
I like Dodge Charger RT69 and small architectural object in Tokyo. Once I found it walking in Tokyo by Google. Connected together I realized this project.
Mercedes Benz V12 Concept
Freelance Artist
It's a personal project, which made for parties and to try vray 3.0 I decided to give it form and meaning, thought in images of catalog and that was my emphasis. Thank you.
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback
Freelance Artist
This is the first car I have done. I modelled, textured, made the lighting, rendered and the post production by myself. I’m trying to learn and improve different techniques.
Lancia 037
Freelance Artist
Personal project for the competition Humster3D. I hope that you like it!
Apocalyptic Zombie Hunter
3d Engine
This is my final entry for humster3d competition hoping that I will find a place beside the winners.
Nissan R34 GT-R
Pure Design Studios
Nissan MOTUL PITWORK Z(JGTC) R34 GT-R in Sepang Circuit (Malaysia)
Freelance Artist
Modeling with 3dsmax & rendering in vray, I hope that you like it.
Creative Director at Target
Our new project is called CROSSROADS and it's a non commercial work. Crossroads was created to translate our vision and love for cars and the free road. It's a full cgi piece. Hope you like it!
CGI Gallardo
Scholz & Friends GmbH
This image was done to improve my HDRI lighting skills. Backplate and sphere was provided by
Maserati Range - Official Images.
BMW M3 industrial
Freelance Artist
BMW M3 E46 by Vahid Montazeri, I hope that you like it.
Fiat Freemont Cross - Official Images.
The Two Beauties
3d Engine
The Two Beauties fully 3d scene.
Freelance Artist
Hi there, I made a series of images from the classic beetle. Also I did a Fury Road version for fun.
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce - Leaflet.
Lancia Delta S By Momodesign - Catalog.
Maserati Granturismo Mc Stradale - Official Images.
Ford Mustang GT500
Freelance Artist
Modeling in 3ds max render and composite in V-Ray. I hope that you like it.
Rolls Royce
Freelance Artist
Some modifications on the Rolls Royce I had made . Modelling, texturing, rendering. I hope that you like it!
Lancia Y
Lancia Y - Catalog.
In The Park
Freelance Artist
In The Park, was a scene made as an entry for the me talents awards.
Lamborghini Huracan
3d Engine
This is my last automotive project. I hope that you like it!
Bmw 4-series CGI
PK3D Studio
Set of on location shots. Backplates&HDRI: David Hogan CGI: Piotr Kosinski
Iveco Urbanway
Urbanway - Leaflet.
Ferrari Enzo
This is my latest personal work for my portfolio, automotive rendering.
Freelance Artist
Render time: 29 min My last project, I hope that you like it!
Mini 4 WD
Mini 4WD Tamiya Max Breaker Info: ImasterArt Special Edition Lesson WorkShop HyperReal Automotive Project for WorkShop School.
Citroen DS5
Freelance Artist
My last work, I hope that you like it.
Rainy day
Freelance Artist
Rainy Day 3dsmax,Vray,PS by vahid montazeri. I hope that you like it...!
RedBull Air Race City
Freelance Artist
Personal project, I hope that you like it!
Retro-Future Train
Magnus Creative
had some personal goals for modeling as well as creating a mountain range of iceberg type of mountains. Also had some fun with motion blur to give a better sense of movement.
Ferrari down and old street
Magnus Creative
Working on cloudy overcast days with foggy lighting on buildings and using color to guide viewer.
Boeing Apache AH-64D
Commercial Project. This image was created to feature a model for CGShape 3D Store. The rendering was made with VRay and the compositing with Fusion.
Specialized Road Bicycle
Hi All This is my last project in Year 2014.
Ferrari Enzo
Freelance Artist
Environment from Evermotion & Some free models
F1 Is Passion
Freelance Artist
This is my latest finished project.Its a personal project I was planning from long back. I love F1 since my childhood. I always wanted to be an F1 racing driver. So I created this... Hope you all like it!
Jeep Willys
Hello. I’ve made this work on Humster3d’s Most Legendary Car Competition.
Ferrari 250 GTO
Keyshot 2014 Auto Render Competition, Honorable Mention Winner.
Invicta chrono
Freelance Artist
Free time project. Practice on modeling and texturing .
Eurocopter EC-135
Visual Workshop 3D
Here is an object of Eurocopter EC-135 that we have done for an Animation. Modeled in 3ds max and rendered in Vray.
Unit 7391
Freelance Artist
First time posting here guys , hello to everyone!
Tumbler - The Dark Knight
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone! This is a Tumbler, the vehicle of Batman in the movie "The Dark Knight". Using a lot of references and images of the real car to make the 3D model, this is the final result. I hope you enjoy.
Lamborghini Formula One
Freelance Artist
This is a personal project that i made just for training myself.
Mercedes AMG GT
Hi guys, this is my recent project. I hope that you like it!
Mission A
Freelance Artist
I designed a prototype concept for sci-fi vehicle. full project coming soon.
3D Boats
Here are some 3D boats pictures that we are able to realize.
Lamborghini miura
Freelance Artist
Lamborghini miura modeled in 3dsmax render with vray post production in PS, I hope that you like it...!
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