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personal work,test particles using pArray, Scatter all native tools 3d max.
Yamaha Virago
an old personal project to simulate used Motorcycle.
Maybach Exelero
Freelance Artist
The Car : modelling was done in Autodesk maya and Rendering used v-ray for maya The Environment : Evermotion (model,texture) only
Zagato sports car
For our client LOUIS XIV we work on several zagato sportscar Images. 3D Model are a stock model.
Ford Mustang GT500 1967
Freelance Artist
modeling by 3dsmax rendering by v-ray post production by photoshop
Lexus LFA
A tribute to one of our favorite car, The Lexus LFA.
Mercedes Benz A-Class 2013
Freelance Artist
modeling by 3dsmax rendering by v-ray post production by photoshop
Hello. I would like to share our latest project with you. The car has been made in our free time. Hope you like it.
Imperia GP
The Imperia GP project was initiated by the Belgian company Green Propulsion, specialized in electrical and alternative engineering.
Freelance Artist
This project was by a so old love with Sc and Sc2 ‘s Vulture design, powered by self details.
Ferrari enzo
So long, I don't have free time for personal project , but at last I did it in my free time!
Honda CB750-K
Motorcycle is my 2nd passion after 3dmax. It's one of my big goals. Materials used are mainly aluminum and steel, it excites me every time. And I try to describe the most accurate details. Hope you like it.
Audi S6 2013
This project consists of advanced material tests on a CG car model. The complex materials illustrate different instances: polished, dusty and muddy.
Private jet
Some views of a luxury private jet made by MIYSIS.
Audi S5
Snail Studio
This project was created to compose the portfolio of my small studio.
Personal project of engines series. Light and materials setup and added geometry from Forza Motorsport models.
Snail Studio
This is a preview of a short film, which unfortunately is stopped. As the project wasn't finalized, I decided rendering some images for to compose my portfolio.
Peugeot 208 T16
3D Bruschi
Project, presentation of the car and also Pikes Peak Version. The project is for rigged Video Game Version and also Hipoly Render Version. Copyright
On The Run
Freelance Artist
This is scene with Ford Falcon 1973 and Ford mustang 1968.
VW beetle 1967
Freelance Artist
A little car called the red beetle.
Z4 2010 Light
Freelance Artist
An of one of my favourite cars the BMW Z4.
Beetle 1967
Freelance Artist
My last project, the beetle was modeled by me.
N3 Design
I created highpoly and lowpoly version of the tank about a year ago. And now I decided to make the final image.
Ferrari Enzo
3d Engine
I used alot of light sources and a hdri that i made by using Hdr light studio.
Jac Motors - j6
Mica Cruz CG Artist
jac motors – j6 3d interactive animation.
Nurburgring Green hell
This is another personal project which i name Nurburgring heel green.
Ferrari ff run
Freelance Artist
Running car render.
Old Citroen
My last personal project. I hope that you like it.
Pagani Zonda “Cinque” 2009
Freelance Artist
The making of: Pagani Zonda “Cinque” 2009. A awesome super machine, made for victory!
Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85
Pline Visual
My last 3D model. Modeling and rendering took 3 weeks, I hope that you like it.
Mclaren f1
This is one sample Nurburgring personal project . Coming soon animation. Hope you like it!
Killing Enzo
Freelance artist
An animation work I did. I hope that you like it.
BMW z4
Freelance artist
BMW Z4 is very interesting to me and this car forced me to create :D i hope that you like it...!!!!
T51 Tricycle
The tricycle that I've always dreamed of !
In the darkness
Freelance artist
this project is about the gangsters who do their things at night "in the darkness" and how police chase them down.....:) hope you'll like it
Detail Tyre
This is my ultimate exercise with a Vray Dome+Hdri.
3d Gears
This work which participated in the competition held and got the first place in the competition.
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426
3d Gears
Tried in this picture to show the power of this car. Three-dimensional whole work except the sky. Work took a lot of time to complete. Hope you like it.
Jeep Grand Cherokee
3d Gears
New work Jeep Grand Cherokee modeling , texturing,lighting,and composting done by me hope you like it.
The Dark DBS
Freelance Artist
In this project I did the modeling, rendering and post production. It's a personal work and I hope that you like it.
Toyota Ts - 030
3D Bruschi
Project for Toyota TS-30 Shangai Version WEC 2012. Personal Work.
Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010
Freelance Artist
A personal project which I designed in my free time.
Cars - Lighting & Shading
Stratos D. Zolotas
This is a personal project i did in my free time.
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