VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Mango Theme
Nowah Studio
The Main goal was to simulate a scene with the same tone of coloring.... all Mango Yellow Color..... yet tweaking the lighting and shadows probably
Freelance Artist
CGI | CYBERTRUCK on the desert
1997 Cooper
Bought this amazing model from Andreas Ezelius to try make some car renders which I haven't done in two years. Didn't come with max file so I had to recreate all shaders, a bit of a pain but still fun.
Foggy Bimmer
Same BMW, same studio, some adjustments to lighting and added crap load of atmospheric fog.
R&D HDRI + Backplate
Here's a first test result with our HDRI, backplate and a rendered BMW M4.
Ford Mustang 2015
GPU Magic Studio
Ford Mustang in black studio animation
The Beast
Nowah Architects
A scene i have worked on earlier for my new Online Course.
The studeo
sketchup 2019 / V-ray next / Photoshop
Bicycle Tokyobike
Freelance Artist - newzboy
My new model: Bicycle - Tokyobike - EVERYTHING ELEVATED -
Porsche Panamera
Having fun with a Porsche. I modelled an environment to test automotive rendering.
Life train
life is like a train,and we are moving with our perceptions.
I made this render by creating lights, materials and textures in 3ds Max and Corona Render with a pinch of Photoshop. Hope you like it!
Mercedes Benz SS
Zavir Studio
Mercedes-Benz is a beautiful and unique car that shines in the past and present times. I decided to take a beautiful rendering of this exclusive car.
Automotive Doodles
Design at Sketch
Some automotive renders we have created over the years.
Car M4
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Mercedes Benz Cla45
Freelance Artist
Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG 2017. Advanced car paint experiment!
911 Carrera Gts
Creative Director at Target
Porsche once again! I hope you 'll like it!
VW Brasilia Abandoned
Freelance Artist
My intention in this work was to know better the redshift and the substance painter. I worked on model deformation, textures, shaders and lighting.
Suriel 3D artist
AKIRA - Kaneda's Bike. 3dsmax hardsurface modelling!
Kremer Porsche 962c
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects for a car contest. I 've made some more camera angles. I hope you 'll like it!
Audi Rs5 Libertywalk
For this project, I wanted to go back to almost full CGI environment instead to use a classical backplate, that's why I decided to build a garage somewhere in a city!
Audi Rs7 Sportback
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects, Audi RS7 Sportback. I hope you 'll like it!
Road To Nowhere
Freelance Artist
Hello everyone, I would like to present my submision "Road to Nowhere" for Hum3D contest. Have a nice day.
Bmw In Forest Road
Zavir Architect Group
Hi everyone, this my last work. modeling by Rex Fu. The model has about 2000 little objects without any shader! So, this is my way :)
Green In Nature
Freelance Artist
Hi guys, I would like to share my latest personal work with you. I hope you 'll like it!
Dodge Viper Srt
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
911 Carrera Turbo
Creative Director at Target
Phew!!! Just finished my last study piece! I hope you 'll like it!
Bmw M4
Freelance Artist
Set of visuals about an M4, with studio lighting and HDR.
Freelance Artist
I just continued and finished my first car rendering project. They were all rendered with Fstorm. I hope you 'll like it!
Dodge Charger 1969
Zavir Architect Group
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Scifi Hover Bike
Suriel 3D artist
Vehicle modeled based upon an image obtained from google... I hope you 'll like it!
Lonely In The Night
Freelance Artist
Chevrolet C/10 Cheyenne. This project has been made for HUM3D Car Render Challenge 2017. It has got a Special prize from Quixel team.
Rat Rod Cadillac
Inspired by the custom culture in USA, I have tried this time to play with rust on an oldschool Cadillac for fun.
Badass Chevy
A fresh 3d job done. I hope you 'll like it!
Mclaren 570s
Started as a project for a customer, later it was developed as a personal project.
The Gladiator 69
Freelance Artist
Hello everyone.This is my new artwork called " Gladiator 69 " based on Jeep Gladiator 1969 with a name like Gladiator.
Before The Race
Freelance Artist
The car was made for Hum3D contest. The project won the 3rd place.
Freelance Artist
One A Porsche 991 GT3RS made during my free time. Those kind of projects that never end until you force yourself to end them ^^.
Desert Fire
Render House
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Audi Tt Rs 2016
Freelance Artist
Another non-commercial project. This time I wanted to create a few artistic shots of Audi TT RS 2016. Interesting lighting scenario and a slightly vintage 80's mood.
Ferrari 250 Gt Berlinetta
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Camel Trophy
The Camel Trophy, also known as "The Olympics of 4X4. Driving the Land Rover into an adventure where no car has been before. One of those famous yellow cars was the Land Rover Defender!
Last Chance
Freelance Artist
i tried to create foggy and muddy ambiance in this work. The success of the corona about displacement and atmosphere creation effect are unbelievable.
Ferrari 250gt Parking Lot
Grid Media
Latest project made to test some custom hdri's.
The Old Bobby
Freelance Artist
I always tried to create different scenes but If I want to be serious its hard to start without inspiration.
1968 Dodge Charger
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you'll like it!
Maserati Quattroporte
Freelance Artist
One of my favourite projects. Modelling and rendering an Italian car ( Maserati Quattroporte). I hope you'll like it!
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