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Member's gallery.

North Atlantic
@ata__atelier & @jngomes proposal to redesign Esmoriz seafront, called "Praça das Companhas".
Luxury Dining Room
Freelance Artist
“You don’t need more space, you need less stuff.”
Letters From Jean-Mich
Interior moods for different uses of the Crown House concept, which was developed by @studio.jih and by @sean_canty_
Hi-Fi Decoded
@artnovion challenged us to develop some interior space concepts, with heavy inspiration in architectural spaces, for their new line of acoustic panels.
1550 Lamar St.
Mixed-use building in Houston Texas
We are proud of our contribution to the new construction project De Meiboom in Aalst. Our task was to provide the visuals and animation.
Heijmans will realize various types of homes in the Nieuwe Zand project in ´s-Gravenzande. We were able to provide the visuals for this project.
Casa Vita
For Blauwhoed we were allowed to make the impressions for the Casa Vita project in Pijnacker.
‘s-Gravenweg 454
We have been commissioned by Leitmotiv to provide the exterior and interior impressions for the building, as well as to make 3D floor plans.
Interiors for Levels
Interiors for Levels Utrecht, bedroom and bathroom for the Levels Utrecht project.
Meiboom Animation
Animation we made for project Meiboom
Master bedroom
Freelance Artist
Master bedroom interior design with a simple touch that meets the client´s requirements
Birch grove
Faraday 3D
Few shots from birch grove near a small neighborhood.
House in Norway
NBOX Visual
A project we did for my client in Norway
Brazilian Apartment
Freelance Artist
It is a personal project for an apartment located in Natal-Brazil.
UGAHARI - Kitchen Show
Take a look at this stunning luxury wood veneer kitchen featuring high-quality Lumber Core plywood and top-of-the-line Gaggenau kitchen appliances.
Hany Saad Innovation
I´m presenting residential reception project located in Cairo , Egypt
A-R Studio
SW: 3DMAX -Corona Render -PS- arion fx
Concept rendering dedicated to COVID-19
Provence in France
Sueños Del Mar
On an island, in the Rhone river in France sits an intriguing traditional stairway with a modern twist. Complete with a calm palette of colours and artwork on display. Hope you like it!
D2 - Facade Challenge
Freelance Artist
D2 - Facade Challenge by D2 Conferences and RedVertex - 1st Place
Modernist Villa
Residence KPD is a classic moderist villa designed by Govaert & Vanhouette architects.
Barrio do Cura
New project in the north of Spain.
Project Soane
Freelance Artist
Visualisation of Sir John Soane’s Bank of England - Historical accuracy winner
House in Paros
Freelance Artist
Our clients were trusting enough to give me the aesthetic freedom to explore different design decisions. The brief was minimal at first and then during the process it evolved through trial and error.
Seaside retreat. Non-commissioned project.
Located on an extremely arid and fragil expanse of land, Utopia is a single-storey residence. Non-commissioned project.
“Hideout” is a modern sanctuary nestled into a bamboo forest. Non-commissioned project.
Versailles SNCF
Renovation project in Versailles (France)
Frozen Scapes
Long time exposure photography mood created as full 3d scenes. Breaking the limits of 3D graphics made it possible to work on any theme located in this characteristic scenery.
Boutique Hotel Living
SG Visualization
Wabi Sabi Boutique Hotel-Living
Dinning Area
SG Visualization
A style study created with my collection. Winter is coming and we have to get ready for the winter weather
WabiSabi Bou Hotel
SG Visualization
I present to you a boutique hotel bedroom and concept. This time our style is Wabi Sabi Styling and Zara Home Concept.
Power Of Light
SG Visualization
POWER OF LİGHT, Software: Autodesk 3ds Max | Corona Renderer | Photoshop Lightroom
Life Is A Breath
SG Visualization
´´Life is a breath.´´ Arch. Design, Visual, Lifestyle
CGI Fungus Mushroom
SG Visualization
Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, Lightroom
Obsession v2
SG Visualization
´´cause our addictions take us from inside´´ Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Lightroom
SG Visualization
´´paint it black´´ 3DS | Corona Renderer
SG Visualization
Software used: Autodesk 3DS Max | Corona Renderer | Photoshop | Lightroom | Arion FX
Full CGI Shiny
SG Visualization
Software: 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, Arion Fx, Photoshop
CGI Autmn falls
SG Visualization
Software and rendering: 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop
Lisi House
Paralel Visualization Studio
Pink House in near Lisi lake In Tbilisi.
Forest Park
Helionic Studio
Forest Park Resort & Spa is a condo hotel located at the foothills of the picturesque Western Sudetes.
Can´t go home anymore
Freelance Artist
It´s my honor that my entry to the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI), 37th Annual Architecture in Perspective (AIP) received the JUROR AWARD and was specifically chosen by Ronen Bekerman.
Fool´s Gold
Freelance Artist
Trying to capture the inbetween, the glimpse golden hour, the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset.
Watergeus interior
Render Art
Watergeus interior made to show common working space in residential buildings
Coffee Bar
Freelance Artist
“You are amazing. Remember that.”
Hansel and Gretel
Studio Incept
Concept renderings for Halloween
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