VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Member's gallery.

Competition - Animation - Space Encounters | Delva Landscape
Competition - Vorm | CIE | Raumplan | Temp Architects
DW Hoogbouv
Real Estate - APF International | Benthem Crouwel Architects | ZUS
Paleis Voor Volksvlijt
A project initiated by Parallel.
Ga West
Competition - KWP | Space Encounters
Rivium De Caap
Concept Study | De Zwarte Hond
Real Estate | Eikenweg | Client: AVB
Siedlung Holliger
Competition | FritschiBeis | Space Encounters
Competition - Edwin Oostmeijer | Space Encounters
De Omval
Real Estate - Neoo | Fritsd Van Dongen Architecten
Real Estate - APF International | Peak Development | Benthem Crouwel | ZUS
At The Park
Real Estate | De Mannen Van Schuim | Kadans
Kavel I5
Competition - SBB | De Zwarte Hond | Faro Architecten
Competition | Heutink Groep | Raumplan | Olaf Gisper
Competition | Team V Architects
Centrum Voor Zorg
Real Estate - Zadelhoff | Inbo Architects
The Doors
Real Estate - Edwin Oostmeijer | Space Encounterts
Hotel De Centrale
Competition | Viventium Raumplan
Real Estate - Octacube | Naomi Schiphorst
Dose Cafe
Freelance Artist
Dose. KSA // Design Proposal Established as a continuity to DOSE cafes series , Dose KSA has been designed in industrial loft style same as other branches using the same brand identity, materials, key elements
Pilars of Life
Freelance Artist
I developed this concept project to explore some different forms of architecture and construction, adding the volume in a real urban context.
CGI - Taj Mahal
Freelance Artist
CGI - Taj Mahal Visualization: Rodrigo Faria
Rose Beauty Center
Freelance Artist
Marati Private House
Spectrum Vision
Location: Lisi Lake, Georgia | Client: Spectrum.
Phnom Penh Airport
Phnom Penh International Airport. VVIP terminal. Architect : Foster + Partners
Red Sea Resort
Architect : Zaha Hadid Architects
Tropical Shed
Architecture: Laurent Troost Architectures | Reference photos: Joana França
Freestanding living next to the marina at the Oldambtmeer.
From the air, we show you an overview to then descend and zoom in further and further.
Heroes of the Heath
Watch with us today and dream away as you see these visuals.
Commissioned by swallow real estate Triple-D has been allowed to visualize these beautiful boathouses designed by Mullener architects.
Steenbrugge Exterior
We are all back from our well-deserved summer holidays and with fresh courage, we started our activities last week.
Steenbrugge Interior
Last week we showed you the exterior renderings of project Steenbrugge in Deventer.
The Lake House
Fish i visuals
Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upse
The Power Of A Glimpse
The power of a glimpse into the future.
Mediterranean House
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you ´ll like it!
" Office "
artviz studio
Visualization official project
Block Of Flats in Gazi
Freelance Artist
Block of flats in the center of Athens Greece, with a minimal aesthetic
Living Room II
Freelance Artist
“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ”
Kochi Plaza
MTDI Group
Kochi - Mixed Use Development , situatuted in India. It functions as retail and office and has approx area of 300 000 sqm.
Freelance Artist
Projeto Minimod - Mapa Arquitetura - Oficina 3d - 3dsmax - Corona
The Last Farewell
Freelance Artist
Simulation Of Cathedral Saint Pierre - Vienna
BDM Milan
Freelance Artist
Image for a contest. Will be a new building in Milan
Kitchen in Athens
Fish i visuals
we create homes more aesthetic
Living Room in Athens
Fish i visuals
we create homes more aesthetic
Nature room
Freelance Artist
Hotel room with warm, neutral tones and natural materials.
Clarence Villa
Freelance Artist
Homogeneous fluidity with straight lines is the
MultiFamily Housing II
Freelance Artist
Multi family housing. Project by Architektura&Consulting.
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