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Ratajczak Zbigniew
Ratajczak Zbigniew at Facebook
Pixel Must Die

Ratajczak Zbigniew

Born in Poland.


Pixel Must Die group was formed to provide high quality 3d representations of your ideas. Our primary fields of work is 3D-Visualization of architecture, product-design, outdoor environments and exhibition spaces. Within this field we offer images and animations which can be used for marketing, design or planning purposes. We also offer the best quality photographs of the products. Our activity is fusion of passion and professionalism. We aren't afraid of any challenges! 


Architecture, Digital Art, Interior Design.


Could you describe your career path to us in a few words? When did it start and how did you get involved with this job?

It started typically. About ten years ago my friend showed me 3D Studio Max and a few of his 3d projects. I was so impressed! I was hooked on third dimension immediately.  It quickly turned out to be the path I would follow.

Is 3dart only a job for you or something more? Please tell us your feelings about 3dart.

It’s definitely not only my job. Despite years passing by, 3D graphics is still my big passion.I have been practicing photography for about 4 years - with equally great commitment and passion.

Have you ever won an award for your work or even any distinctions at the forums you participated in?

I haven"t won any awards yet – I do not have the makings of a winner when I take part in competitions. Some of my projects have appeared on the front pages of websites but that is not a great achievement.

Which are your plans or better your goal for the future?

More interesting projects to complete, larger scenes, tons of detail and mass RAM needed to render it. And it"s all beautifully lit up - light is the most important thing both in CG and in photography. I would also like to have more time for my personal projects. I have a few ideas but no time to realize them.

Please give some advice to our members who would like to join Vray world Club. How can they be inspired to create their personal projects?

I draw inspiration from the world around us. Observe the behavior of light. It helps me that I am a photographer. I recommend shooting because it teaches the correct composition, framing, use of light and colour.


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