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Cover Images 2021

2021 was another great year for the *Club. We present to you the 52 cover images of our *Group on Facebook. Time for inspiration!!!

Week 01.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year by Mihran Hovsepyan from Warrior-cgi. 


Week 02.

Rainy Night by Babo Mohamed


Week 03.

Moyogi by Roy Ghaya


Week 04.

Fruitmarket by Nguyen Ngoc Luan


Week 05.

House Over The Rocks by Nhat Long. Schwember García-Huidobro Architect. 


Week 06.

Mandarin by Kframe


Week 07.

North Norway by Aleksey Karetin


Week 08.

Darussalam - "Abode of Peace" by Shiju Nk


Week 09.

Desert House by Dusan Pajantic


Week 10.

Budapest by Kframe


Week 11.

House on the Railtrack by Yellow Studio


Week 12.

Dreaming by Giuseppe La Greca


Week 13.

The epic Shenzhen Opera by Lucian Racovitan for BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. 

Week 14.

Μade Of Colors LAUFEN by Magdalena Marczak

Week 15.

Trying to touch the divine by Kostas Kyrsanidis from Realated Visual


Week 16.

CGI - AMOEBA by Ander Alencar from Oficina 3D

Week 17.

New York City by Vic Nguyen Design


Week 18.

Foggy Interior by Ruming Cao


Week 19.

L&A House by Gabriel Fiuza


Week 20.

Rocky Road Ride by Qusay Abubaker


Week 21.

Apartment Building by Rafał Barnaś from Unique Vision Studio. 


Week 22.

The Elder's House by Miroslav Laurov


Week 23.

Yako Sushi by Alex Ruano


Week 24.

Kilesanmi By Oba-Adenuga Adeoluwa


Week 25.

Horizontally vertical by Santi Sánchez & Artem Lutai | Architecture: Cubyc Architects BVBA. 


Week 26.

Flooded Attic Apartment by Serkan Cakir from Renderstudiotv. 

Week 27.

San Fruitcisco Street by Jaime Diaz Alvarez

Week 28.

Porche Targa S by Rudraksh Jain.  


Week 29.

Vecchio Passo by Aristotle Gaddi.  


Week 30.

Longan Villa by Dang Thanh Phat.  


Week 31.

Cabin in the forest by Linh Hồ.  


Week 32.

SOULLOCATION by Ludwig Piliposyan.  


Week 33.

Mountainous area by Taylor Zhuang.  

Week 34.

Silence in the Unknown by Matteo Rossi.  


Week 35.

Wislany Mokotow VI by Radosław Kielak from Pictura for Budimex Nieruchomosci.  


Week 36.

Once Upon a Time... in NYC by Kirill Cherny.  


Week 37.

Ridge House by Batis Studio.  


Week 38.

CGI - VICTORIAN HOUSE by Ander Alencar from Oficina3D. Inspired by Kiel James Patrick @kjp.  


Week 39.

Cliff Villa by Cung Trang from AV8 Studio.  


Week 40.

The Cabin by Amir Reza Teymouri.  


Week 41.

Songdo Library by Matias Moret from MOT. Design: Paritzki & Liani Architects.  


Week 42.

Villa in Palairos II by Xenia Liodi.  


Week 43.

VF-Loulos Villa by Giorgos Zacharioudakis from 500s Studio for Chorografoi architects.  


Week 44.

The Gate of Light by Irakli Shubashikeli.  

Week 45.

Housing in Tbilisi Suburbs by Paralel Studio.  


Week 46.

House in old Tbilisi by Paralel Studio.  


Week 47.

Ambient Kitchen by Ahmed Fahmy.  


Week 48.

Happy Memories by Deepak Jain.  

Week 49.

Eco Cabin by Dương Tùng from TT Studio.  


Week 50.

Cabin in Ontario by Matias Moret from MOT Studio for Architectural Instinct.  


Week 51.

BT House by Ame Kamura.  


Week 52.

Merry Christmas by Martin Schropp.  


Have a great 3D Year 2022 & Keep rendering!


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