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Rural Peruvian House

Cheng + Franco Arquitectos

This countryside house in Peru by Lima-based studio Cheng + Franco Arquitectos features three volumes clad in perforated Corten steel that cantilever above a grassy bridleway.

Cheng + Franco Arquitectos designed Casa N in the South American country's northern coastal region of Piura.

Set on exposed concrete walls, the three volumes extend over a grassy pathway used to lead the horses from stables to the training and exhibition field set on either side of the house.

Angled in different directions, each of the volumes is clad in panels of Corten – a type of pre-rusted steel, also known as weathering steel.

"The proposal consists of three elevated, cantilevered, clearly defined volumes, overlooking at the landscape of open fields and desert areas," said the architects.

Holes punched into the metal are intended to filter light in various ways according to the different functions inside.

On the side nearest to the horse training and exhibition field, the projecting structure forms a canopy above the terrace located next to the swimming pool.

Three guest bedrooms are placed in the volume nearest the stables, while the block in the middle is occupied by the master bedroom and a living room.


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