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Freelance Artist

VRay Camera Manager


A powerful script that allows you to change the properties of V-Ray cameras in your scene.


  • List and edit the most used VRay Physical Camera parameters in an easy to read table
  • Change the settings of multiple cameras without selecting in scene
  • Shutter priority mode - lock the shutter speed and vary the aperture or film ISO keeping the exposure constant.
  • Aperture priority mode
  • Film ISO priority mode
  • Sort the table contents by clicking on the column headers

Right click menu.

  • Select camera
  • Send camera to the current or camera VP
  • Copy and paste settings between cameras
  • Convert perspective viewport to a Vray camera
  • Convert non VRay camera to a VRay camera
  • Delete camera


Column Choose.

display only the parameters you want to see.

Vray Camera Manager started as a personal project. When I was working in large scenes with multiple (10+) cameras I found it slow to swap between cameras. Also I often wanted to change a setting on more than one camera without selecting them indiviually in the scene. If you have any feature requests or want to report a bug please leave acomment below.

Version Requirement: 
Tested in in Max 2012, 2013, 2014 but should work in earlier versions
Other Software Required: 
VRay 2.0 or higher


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