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Free V-Ray Tutorials Beginner


Some of our members prompted us to create this article which includes several sources on the net with free V-Ray tutorials for beginners.


Making of articles are always a great source of both education and inspiration! Reading them, we can learn several tips and tricks which are useful for our evolution as 3d artists. But what about a school method from scratch?

LEARN V-RAY comprises various complementary activities and possibilities to ensure continuous and satisfying training.


We categorized them according to the main parameters we need to practice trying to be professional 3d designers. Please do not forget that there is no way to find one tutorial which includes everything. To become a professional 3d designer one needs a lot of knowledge and not only of V-Ray Settings. He needs to study photography, lighting, interior design, architecture and a variety of software programs.

As I used to say, 3D art looks like a gigantic mountain which you have to climb on foot, but the only difference is that the higher you go, the more relaxed you feel and you want to go on…


Camera Setup.

Using Vray render engine you have the opportunity to hold a "real" Dslr photographic camera in your hands. So the comprehension of its parameters is a critical point when you try to achieve a realistic result.  My advice to all beginners is always the same; save a little money and buy a semi frame Dslr camera, then take some basic lessons and start shooting. You will see a vast improvement in your render work very soon!

1. Viscorbel.com: "Vray Pysical Camera tutorial." A simple and useful tutorial which helps us to understand camera's settings and its principles.


2. help.chaosgroup.com:  A lot of examples for different results with V-Ray physical camera by the official V-Ray help page.


3. Workshop.mintviz.com: "White Balance setup with V-Ray Physical Camera and 3ds Max". One of the most important settings in our camera trying to keep our colors balanced is the well known White balance parameter. In this tutorial, you can easily understand how to achieve that.


4. VRay Art: "Standard camera to Vray Camera." An easy trick to change Standard Camera to V-Ray Camera by Alexander Vasiliuk.


5.Vrayworld.com: At this link, you can find a lot of useful theoretical articles about 3d Photography which will help you to understand how you have to use the V-Ray camera like professional photographers do.  



In my opinion, lighting is the most important element in 3d visualization and especially if doing it photo-realistic. When we lighten the scene correctly, we have the following advantages.

  • Quick test and final rendering.
  • Beautiful and realistic material rendering.
  • Will to finish our render in the best possible way!


1. Aleso3d.com: "Lighting & Setting up a realistic render with 3ds Max & V-Ray" Our *Member Aleso has a lot of free & commercial tutorials on his webpage. In this one, he describes the way he lightened his scene with V-Ray Sun and simple V-Ray lights type Planes.


2. Aversis.be: "Using the V-Ray skylight to light a scene." This is another very useful source for free and commercial tutorials. It helped me a lot during my first 3d steps ;)


3. Viscorbel.com: "V-Ray HDRI Lighting Tutorial." V-Ray HDRI Lighting Tutorial. Here we can have a taste of the most powerful way to lighten our scene. In this link we can also read and watch some further information about the history and usage of HDR.


4. Evermotion.org: "Ies Light in Vray." This is an old and easy tutorial by our *Club member Zbigniew Ratajczak (Zed) in which he explains the way we can use V-Ray Ies lights in a simple scene.


5. Vray Art: "Studio Lighting Setup - 3ds Max & Vray". Alex explains how we could set up studio lighting for the visualization of objects.


6. Viscorbel.com: "Vray Studio Lighting Setup." Here we can also read a similar tutorial for the creation of basic studio lighting.


7. 5SRW: VRay Dome + HDRI.



At first glance, all the beginners feel that the materials section is a headache. A lot of parameters and navigation through several levels especially for complex materials, it is logical. A real trick is to start with premade materials observing the settings for each one we use and getting familiar with them. At this link, we can find several sources for free V-Ray Materials, but it's necessary to have the basic knowledge of V-Ray materials parameters to be able to change the right settings when we want to achieve less or more reflection - refraction, etc.

1. Aversis.be:  "Create basic V-Ray materials." One of the best and simple tutorial which helps us understanding the basic parameters of V-Ray materials.


2. Viscorbel.com: "V-Ray Materials Theory." Another excellent tutorial with the basic theory about the creation of V-Ray Materials.


3. Designmeet.com: "V-Ray material Settings". This PDF file contains a similar tutorial with the first one by Aversis. In fact it was written by the same person a few years ago. We shared it because it has a deeper explanation of some other V-Ray Materials parameters.


4. Workshop.mintviz.com: "Vray 2.0 Materials Guide".  Another comprehensive tutorial for materials in V-Ray with a lot of examples.


5. Aversis.be: "Render Glass and liquid materials."  Download the starting scene and begin your practice!


6. Viscorbel.com: "Creating a rusty painted metal material with V-Ray." Watch the video for a more advanced material creation. 


7. Evermotion.org: " Leather in Vray." A fast and useful tutorial by Zbigniew Ratajczak for leather material.


8. Ronenbekerman.com: " Curtain material in Vray" by Alfa Smyrna (Pixela). 


9. Vray.info: " Making leaf materials with Vray2SidedMtl" By Peter Guthrie. It's a cool way to start understanding better the way we have to create realistic leaves for our vegetation.  


10. Trinity3d.com: "Simulating Self-Illumination Materials."


11. Shepperd Oneill: "VrayforC4D Tutorial - Vray Material". For Cinema 4D users.


12. Peterguthrie.net: "Vray dirt tutorial" by Peter Guthrie. Simple & fast Vray dirt tutorial. 


13. Vray Art: "Vray Dirt". Vray dirt map is valuable knowledge instead of creating realistic materials especially for exteriors. Here Alex gives us a beautiful example of how we have to use it. 


14. Vray.com: "Examples - Dirt effect".


15. Ronenbekerman.com: "VRayLightMtl + VRayDirt for Quick AO Render Checkup" by Ronen Bekerman.


16. Josefbsharah.net: "V-RayforC4D Basic Startup"


Post Production.

When I first discovered this technique trying to correct my final renders, I was in doubt about whether Post Production was a necessary process. After getting involved with it, I understood that it's a powerful way to improve my work. The comprehension of the colors is hard to conquer.  We need a lot of practice to exercise our eyes to understand the real life and actual color in 3d digital photography. So we have to be patient and studious :) 


1. Vray Art:  "Free Webinar - Photoshop Post Production"  by Alexander Vasiliuk.


2. VrayWorld.com: "Bic training space - Colour correction" by Vray World Team.


3. Cg.tutsplus.com: "Compositing V-ray Render Layers in Photoshop" by Ahmed Fathi"


4. 3dtotal.com: "Compositing V-Ray render elements" by James Cutler


5. Cgchannel.com: "Post-production in 3ds Max and Photoshop" by Jamie Cardoso.


6. AdnanSalmitp: "Cinema 4d tutorial". 


7. Vray Art: "Photoshop post production - Easy color correction" by Alexander Vasiliuk.


8. Evermotion.org: "Post-production techniques" by Lech Sokolowski.


9. 5SRW: Render Elements in Carribean Tongue.


General Tutorials Sources.

Below we share a lot of different sources where we can find dozens of several types of tutorials about V-Ray and more. The majority of them are free. So now you have to find time and passion for studying them! 

1. Aleso3d.com


2. Viscorbel.com


3. Vrayart.com


4. Cg.tutsplus.com


5. Cgmeetup.net


6. Ronenbekerman.com


7. Cgarchitect.com


8. Evermotion.org



Feel free to suggest to us more free online tutorials and we will probably enhance the above article ;) We hope that you liked our effort on this article. See you soon!


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