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3D *Blowout 2020 - Conference Center

The Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos is located at Adamas. Its excellent infrastructure and versatile halls to meet the organizational needs of various events, guarantee the success of organized conferences and meetings.


The Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos was designed to function throughout the year. It is constructed and equipped according to the most modern specification.

Besides the conference halls, there are management offices, a press room, an Internet room, and an infirmary. The Center is fully air-conditioned and is provided with a fire-protection system. All its public sections are accessible to disabled persons.

The open-air parking lot can accommodate 150 cars while the security fending adds to the conferee’s sense of security without hindering an overview of the whole area.


Building Installations, Conference Halls & Seating Setup.

The Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos has two groups of facilities for conference purposes: a central building A, the main hall of which is of up to 400 conferees capacity (see seating arrangement table) and an adjacent multipurpose building B, the “EURIPIDES MAVROMMATIS WING”, where three halls ( B1, B2, B3 ) are found. The Center’s supporting facilities are also located there.



The main hall of  building A, where a theatrical  stage is located, can be divided, with a movable partition, into two separate and acoustically isolated halls, one (A1) for 280 conferees and another (A2) for 100 conferees, so as to meet different conference requirements, by offering the choice between one large conference hall or two smaller ones.

The Center’s main hall (A) has a balcony, with a capacity of 50 persons; the central control panel of the audiovisual systems and two cabins for simultaneous translation are located in this balcony as well.

If more than two, and up to five, conference meetings are to be held simultaneously, the three halls of the “EURIPIDES MAVROMMATIS WING” can be used. The capacity of these halls is shown in the sitting setup table, under B1, B2, and B3.

Open-air activities can be organized as well, in a very pleasant outdoor setting.

The Center hosts also cultural events, in which cases the main building may reach a capacity of up to 450 persons.





Technical Support.

The most important condition for successfully conducting a conference is the high standards of its technical support. The Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos fully meets this condition providing top-notch service to conferees with state-of-the-art audiovisual and telecommunication facilities.


3D Art is a way of living.

Have a great 3Day & Keep rendering!


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