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CGSociety - Making Order Out of Chaos

Wed 14th May 2014, by Rory Fellowes | Production. Chaos on disruptive technology, final frame rendering and Kevin Margo on CONSTRUCT.

In terms of rendering, the major leap is towards Realtime film quality rendering. Both Vlado and Lon, in their different ways, told me we are still some years away from that, but we agreed the gap is closing, and closing fast. I asked Lon first what he thought about this, and he gave me a comprehensive and enthusiastic answer.


“I’ve completely changed my perception of where we are with technology and the boundaries of technology. We are currently working on something we’re calling Massively Parallel Rendering. We’re in this world now where you can tap into several hundred thousand cores, whether it’s on the GPU or whether it’s on the CPU Cloud, or something like that, and get them all working towards the same goal. In some of the tests we’ve done you didn’t see rendering, you didn’t have buckets go across the screen, or see a bunch of pixels converge. All you saw was the image, the final, photo-realistic image.





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