VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Join RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month contest and win 250 Render Points and promotion during a whole month!
Creative Lighting | Workshop in Miami
Creative Lighting | Workshop in Miami
DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVITY! Learn to create, control and adjust any lighting condition so you can develop your creative vision in the simplest ways possible.
V-ray 3.5 For Modo.
V-ray 3.5 For Modo.
V-Ray 3.5 for MODO is a huge update, and it’s available now. Enjoy!
Vizpark - Real Grounds.
Vizpark - Real Grounds.
we´re pleased to announce our newest release REAL GROUNDS with 15 photo scanned textures for realistic grounds. Available in three flavors (8k, 4k and 2k resolution). REAL GROUNDS cover an area of 2x2 meters and can be tiled seamlessly.
Free Webinar Realistic Rendering.
Free Webinar Realistic Rendering.
If you want to discover how to create realistic-looking shaders, simulate various lighting scenarios and define the right settings for final renderings, this is the right webinar for you!
Euro Cup 2016 Using Cinema 4d.
Euro Cup 2016 Using Cinema 4d.
France is rich with famous artists both past and present. Imaginary Forces used this rich artistic history as an inspiration for their ident clips they created for the Euro Cup 2016 using Cinema 4D.
Discussing With Sava Zivkovic
Discussing With Sava Zivkovic
A great artist whom we met in 2012 explains to us how he found his path into the imaginary world of 3D art, how he keeps himself inspired and his plans for the future. Enjoy him in a great interview & showcase of his work!
Vizpark - Real Flowers.
Vizpark - Real Flowers.
VP | New product REAL FLOWERS. A new highly realistic model library for architectural visualization.
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Latest News.

Renderpeople - New Weekly Models
We've uploaded more than 90 new models to our online shop last week. And to mention just a few of our new faces... please welcome Mira, Jason, Sidney and Oliver. Moreover, we'd like to present you two of our new bundles, Event and Swimwear. Enjoy!
Unreal Engine FREE Webinar
FREE Epic Webinar Unreal Engine for Architecture, 27th April 2017
RebusFarm  Sponsorship
We are glad to announce that RebusFarm supports VWArtclub with Website, Facebook, Awards & Studios Sponsorship for 2017.
The Spaceship - Interview With Motiv
While the architecture and 3D art were traveling harmoniously together, somewhere between the moon and Mars, a group of “mad astronauts”, decided to create some unique pieces of ART. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the Motiv’s interview on VWArtclub.
Corona 1.6 Released
We’re excited to announce the release of Corona Renderer 1.6 for Autodesk 3ds Max!
Inventor 2018 | Fusion 360
See what's new with Fusion 360. Enjoy!
3ds Max 2018
3ds Max 2018 helps deliver improved productivity so that users can work more efficiently and creatively with modeling, animation, rendering and workflow updates.
ANIMA 2.5 Has Been Released
V-Ray 3.5 Webinar For Maya
FREE WEBINAR – Discover what's new in V-Ray 3.5 for Maya.
Corona - Tomorrow 2017 Challenge
Mohit Sanchaniya, an official VWArtclub *Member, won the second place at Tomorrow 2017 Challenge using Corona Renderer, check it out!
Free Update For MultiScatter
This library consist of 145 textures in extremely high resolution of up to 400 mln pixels for photo realistic texturing of large areas when close views are required
Character  Challenge
Fan-art contest for the best 3D character from a video game. You can choose any remarkable hero you consider the most impressive.
CGAxis Vol. 73 - 3D Food  VI
CGAxis Models Volume 73 – 3D Food V is a collection containing 36 high polygon 3d models of various food 3d scanned from real products.
Renderpeople - New Sponsorship
We are glad to announce that Renderpeople supports VWArtclub with Website & Facebook Sponsorship for 2017.
CGAxis Bundle - 3D Plants
48 HOURS ONLY! Download 80+ 3D models in CGAxis Plants Bundle for only $14.90!
VIZPARK - Free Materials
More FREE Materials for MATERIAL MANAGER. 16 new VRAY and 30 new CORONA materials
The Human Race
Join The Mill, Chevrolet and Unreal Engine for a behind-the-scenes look at the revolutionary technology that fueled the real-time short film and AR presentation “The Human Race.”
Corona - New Sponsorship
Since we always aim at having excellent and qualitative artists and sponsors, we are now glad to announce a new sponsorship for 2017.
R&D Group - Aerial Textures
This library consist of 145 textures in extremely high resolution of up to 400 mln pixels for photo realistic texturing of large areas when close views are required
Be Inspiration Series
High Quality 3d virtual sets.
V-Ray 3.5 Webinar
ChaosGroup relaesed the latest webinar of V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max. Enjoy!
ΑΧΥΖ - Happy Valentines Day 2017 25% Off
VIZPARK - Happy Valentines Day 2017
VP | Happy Valentines Day! Real Flowers & Plants Complete 25% off.
VFB+ V2.8
VFB+ is now completely free for personal & commercial use!
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