VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Join RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month contest and win 250 Render Points and promotion during a whole month!
SOA Acasemy Days 2020. Sharing is Caring!
SOA Acasemy Days 2020. Sharing is Caring!
“Hope is last to die”: this is what Italians say and it embodies our long wait before giving this announcement.
Creative Lighting.
Creative Lighting.
We offer architectural visualisation courses designed by the most experienced artists and leaders in the archviz industry.
Realistic Interiors.
Realistic Interiors.
«Realistic Interiors: Study Corona Render and the Art of Lighting, Composition and use of Color. Learn the Art of Rendering thanks to a unique didactic approach»
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Latest News.

VFB+ V2.8
VFB+ is now completely free for personal & commercial use!
Bentanji - Latest 3D Models
The latest 3d models are great for a stylish living!
CGAxis Volume 72 - 3D Trees IX
CGAxis Models Volume 72 – 3D Trees IX is a collection containing 32 high polygon models of conifer trees in various size and shapes.
VIZPARK - Real Trees Update
VP | Real Trees update and FREE Tree model.
Design Connected Models
Great 3d models arrived from Design Connected.
AXYZ - New Sponsorship
We are glad to announce that AXYZ supports VWArtclub with a Website - Facebook and *Studios sponsorship for 2017.
Review Of Vray RT GPU 3.5
Tomasz Wyszołmirski In this post will point out and review the newest features and improvements of upcoming V-Ray RT GPU 3.5.
Euro Cup 2016 Using Cinema 4D
France is rich with famous artists both past and present. Imaginary Forces used this rich artistic history as an inspiration for their ident clips they created for the Euro Cup 2016 using Cinema 4D.
Substance Integrations: Maya
Substance plugin in Maya.
Free Webinar Realistic Rendering
If you want to discover how to create realistic-looking shaders, simulate various lighting scenarios and define the right settings for final renderings, this is the right webinar for you!
Affinity Photo 1.5
Affinity Photo 1.5 is here, for macOS and Windows.
Journey To VR
Journey to VR: Lighting with textures using Arnold inside Maya
Design Connected Models
Great 3d models arrived from Design Connected.
CGAxis Volume 71 - 3D Food V
CGAxis Models Volume 71 – 3D Food V is a collection containing 46 high polygon 3d models of various food 3d scanned from real products.
Winners 2016
Another year with stunning 3d artworks published on VW *Gallery. Enjoy them!
V-Ray 3.5 For 3ds Max
V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max is coming soon!
Live VR
LiveVR. New features for VRay RT 3.55
Autodesk Stingray 1.6
Autodesk Stingray 1.6 New Features
12 Days Free Give Aways
VP | 12 days of FREE Give-Aways until Christmas
Real Flowers & MMPro 1.2.0
VIZPARK - Real Flowers and Material Manager Pro 1.2.0.
InstruMMents Pro App
Fastest and Most Portable Way to Capture 3D Curves by InstruMMents.
Bentanji - News
Last 2 days! 50 + 50% off on all 3d models and textures until the 12th of December!
CGAxis Volume 70 - Super Market IV
CGAxis Models Volume 70 – Supermarket IV is a collection containing 26 high polygon 3d models of supermarket equipement.
Partnership With Cl3ver
Partnership will add V-Ray fidelity to browser-based presentations. To support this partnership, Chaos Group has also made a €2 million investment in the company.
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