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Kumar Gaurav
Kumar Gaurav BehanceKumar Gaurav at FacebookKumar Gaurav flickr
Gaurav 3d

Kumar Gaurav

Based in India.


Gaurav Kumar - A published and Award-winning Computer Graphics Professional with more than 5 year of experience in CG industry as a 3D Visualiser/Designer in Architecture and Interior Design.

He specialises in Photorealistic Texturing, Lighting & Rendering skills using 3Ds Max,Corona & Vray. 3D Visualisation of Architecture, Interiors, Products & Environments, Compositing & Image Editing skills.

Born in Delhi & artist by heart; I started my 3d Visualization as a hobby in 2010. It grew into a full time profession, when after gaining enough skills from my first job, with one of the best visualization companies in India. I chose to continue doing what I do best as a freelance artist.

Being a freelance artist meant freedom, flexibility and dreams as limitless as the sky. I kept my commitment to clients for whom I worked, mostly online in terms of time and quality. This perfect balance helped me enjoy what I do best. Software's that I use to get my job done are, 3Ds Max & V-ray. They provide me with amazing ease and flexibility and pretty much everything that I need to bring my visualizations to life. V-Ray never stops to amaze me with its photo-realistic rendering possibilities and the ability to make that small tweak that makes all the difference.

Combined with an eye for creating interior's that are fueled from my passion makes my work as enjoyable as it could get. I follow and respect great artists of our time. Beautiful designs and ideas never cease to capture my heart. They all, are the building blocks that helped me reach to what I am today.


Digital Art, Interior Design, Architecture.


Related Projects.

Apartment In Philadelphia
Gaurav 3d
I would like to present you a few shots of a living room which I 've done a couple of months ago.
Shimla Hills
Gaurav 3d
The One-Bedroom Suite | Shimla Hills. I hope you'll like it!
Scandinavian Style Bedroom
Gaurav 3d
This bedroom design is all about simplicity and elegance. It's about taking something simple to the next level and using it to create an extraordinary decor that is both pleasant and beautiful.
White Bedroom
Gaurav 3D
Hi Guys, I would like to share one of my recent projects. I hope that you like it. Comments are always welcome to improve my work!
Semi Traditional Style
Gaurav 3D
Hi Guys, I would like to share one of recent projects. I hope that you like it. Comments are always welcome to improve my work!
Apartment Spaces - Goa
Gaurav 3D
Hi Guys, I would like to share one of my old work, Done some months ago! Please have a look. I hope that you like it. Comments are always welcome to improve my work.
Gaurav 3D
Hi Guys, recently done some shots of a Penthouse. hope you like it. Comments are always welcome to improve my work.
Scandinavian Style Apartment
Gaurav 3D
Scandinavian style- Apartment I would like to present a collection of visual representatives of Scandinavian design.
Love On Christmas
Gaurav 3D
Hi friends, It's the Christmas time of the year when we stand back and cherish all the beautiful memories of a year, put them all on a Christmas tree and let the light shine into another year.
Gaurav 3D
The idea about this work occurred when I was on a trip to Himachal, the heaven on earth. The amazing view I had from the heights lead me to think of creating a cozy place overlooking the hills.
The Revelation
Gaurav 3D
Good morning In a song there are some subtle tones hidden that bring the magic.
Dawn of Spring
Gaurav 3D
Dawn of Spring- Living Spaces A unique space that evokes a blissful feeling each time you walk through the well lit interiors.
Living Shots
Gaurav 3D
A small project recently completed. C&C Are Always welcome. I hope that you like it ...
The Rainy courtyard
Gaurav 3D
This is a scene for self-training,a series of images to practice how different lighting conditions change the mood of an image, how materials react to nature and seasons, how light shapes and defines our environment.
Study Room
Gaurav 3D
My new job! Hope you like it ...
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