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Freelance Artist

The Division Character

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The unreleased Game „The Division“ is tickling me since the first official trailer release.

 The design of a post-apocalyptical setting not too far in the future combined with fancy augmented reality inspired me to take the step to create an alternate game character that suits the requirements of the story world. The design process involved the creation of suitable clothing including a more or less non-typical backpack design in order to allow the character to carry a lot of equipment during his journey. The jacket is a custom-built model from the fictional company „Ares“, that turns traditional street wear into military-functional clothes as for this case a padded leather jacket with the possibility to turn the collar into a face mask for cold times. The backpack comes with a strong magnet piece on the belt that allows seamless attachment and detachment of metal gear such as Karambit knifes for instance. About the Character: Name: Tyson Riggs Age: 31 years Hight: 183cm Weight: 89kg 


ZBrush - Marvelous - Keyshot - Ps.




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