VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Vic Nguyen Design
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Studio Sponsor
Da Nang

Vic Nguyen Design

Based in Vietnam.


We aim to, at all times, provide our customers with the most Beautiful 3D Images, Attractive, Powerful & as close to Reality as possible, through Digital Art.




Architecture, Interior Design, Photography, Digital Art.



  • Best of year. Treddi 2017.
  • 3DTotal excellence Award. December 2017.
  • 3DTotal excellence Award. October 2017.
  • 3DTotal excellence Award. September 2017.
  • 3DTotal excellence Award. August 2017.
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. December 2016.
  • Visualization pro of the week Cgarchitect 2016
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. March 2016.
  • CGChoice Award of the CGSociety 2016.
  • Runner-up CG Awards 2015.
  • Inspiration - Trees & Foliage Vol. 4 . Cgarchitect.2015.
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. September,2015.
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. may,2015.
  • Image of the week on 3D Artist online.2015.
  • Artist of the Month, July 2015. RebusFarm.
  • Best of year. Treddi 2014.
  • Best of year. Treddi 2013.
  • Best of the week. Ronen Bekerman.2013
  • Best of the month. Ronen Bekerman.2013
  • Best member VWArtclub.2013.
  • Vray Workshop Top 5.
  • CGRAMP Picture of the Week.2013
  • No 3. CGAxis & CGRecord Christmas Challenge.

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Related Projects.

School in America
Vicnguyen Design
School in America. Customer: Martin architecture CG: VicnguyenDesign SW: 3dmax, corona and PS
Vietnamese countryside
Vicnguyen Design
Sw: 3dmax, corona..PS..itooforest...
In the dry forest
Vicnguyen Design
CG: VicnguyenDesign sw: 3dmax and corona, ps ....
Villa On The Hill AU
Freelance CG: Artist
Villa on the hill. AU. Customer: Kado CG: VicnguyenDesign sw: tools 3dmax, corona, PS, Itoo, Sini ...
American Night Street
Vicnguyen Design
American street, night. CG: VicnguyenDesign Sw: 3dmax, corona, PS, Itoo, Sini tools (HDRI) ...
Tiny Holiday Home
Vicnguyen Design
Tiny Holiday Home in Vinkeveen, Netherlands
Small and Small
small and small By: VicnguyenDesign SW: 3dmax, corona and PS. thanks all C@C.
Canterbury Rd AU
Canterbury Rd. AU Customer: Domenic CG: VicnguyenDesign sw: 3dmax, corona, PS....
These are good works, by every employee. Team: VicnguyenDesign Hope everyone appreciates it. Wish everyone. 2020. successful. sw: 3dmax, corona and ps
Rillhart House
RILLHART HOUSE LOCATION: MIAMI, FLORIDA Design: brillhartarchitecture CG cover: VicnguyenDesign Sw: 3dmax, corona, PS thanks all C&C
...pool... By: VicnguyenDesign SW: 3dmax, corona and PS. thanks all C@C.
Yellow Autumn
....Yellow autumn.... cgi: by VicnguyenDesign sw: 3dmax and PS. thanks all C&C.
Little Corner
...little corner... Real copy, 97% model. CG: VicnguyenDesign SW: 3dmax and PS thanks all C @ C.
Vic Nguyen Design
villa! Sw: 3dmax, corona, PS, and use Forest Pack CG: VicnguyenDesign thanks all C@C.
Aird St Parramatta AU
Aird St Parramatta AU. Cgi: Vicnguyen Model: Dat Nguyen company: VicnguyenDeisn Sw: 3dmax, corona and PS Customer: Domenic Lattari
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