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Peter Stulz

Looking for procedural noise for large scale scenes ? Groundwiz might just do the trick!

In a nutshell: What does it do? Landscape-Shading! Look at the banner image: Most of the snowshader and the rockdetail has been done in Groundwiz. Look at the desert sierras in the images below – groundwiz was used to do the indefinite detail.

Groundwiz by Gugila for 3ds Max has been around for a while and I guess has lost most of its awareness within the 3d-community. Still we at xoio keep on using it – let me tell you why!

To see the benefits of this plugin, let me tell you some personal insights.


  •  scale independent, with unlimited detail
  •  renders superfast
  •  good connection with other shader nodes especially “bump”
  •  terrain functions as slope, height, etc.
  •  a lot of features in the trial version.
  • integrated mass instancing tool.
  • works on many renderers (Vray, Mentalray, Scanline, …)


  •  few noise options, somewhat similar look.
  • no more real further development.
  • pro version with few extra features and complicated to set up for mulitple users.


Corona Download Trial


 Realisti Interiors - Corona Renderer Course

Corona Renderer Course.




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