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Projects 3D Artworks
The state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology guarantees the highest level of realism and finest details in all their 3D models. Easily integrated into every 3D scene!
Join RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month contest and win 250 Render Points and promotion during a whole month!
As a 3D agency we materialize design ideas. We breathe life into plans and models, thus facilitating communication in the planning phase.
We specialize in realistic visualizing and convey the client’s intention and concept from our product to the customers. Our mission is to build up the team as the reliable resource and collaborate with our clients for the best outcome via management and render skills.
Herbert Mugabi.
Herbert Mugabi.
I'm very happy with the 5SRW method and the team that put it together because it is so simple and efficient and I've been able to quickly improve my work.
USEFUL TIPS  |  Path Vs Patch in 3ds Max
Learning Free 3D Tutorials
USEFUL TIPS | Path Vs Patch in 3ds Max
Tools : Clone / Path Deform / Patch Deform / Turn To Patch. Enjoy!
Discussing With Sava Zivkovic
Discussing With Sava Zivkovic
A great artist whom we met in 2012 explains to us how he found his path into the imaginary world of 3D art, how he keeps himself inspired and his plans for the future. Enjoy him in a great interview & showcase of his work!
The Spaceship - Interview With Motiv.
The Spaceship - Interview With Motiv.
While the architecture and 3D art were traveling harmoniously together, somewhere between the moon and Mars, a group of “mad astronauts”, decided to create some unique pieces of ART.
A compilation of realistic 3d portraits made by our official members, check it out!
Profile and Contact
Enjoy our exclusive promotion through the Find Your Artist campaign. Check it out!
Exterior Rendering
3DCE Studio
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Mixed House
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. location: VietNam. I hope you 'll like it!
Montpleyel Development
The Montpleyel Mixed-use Development | MVRDV + BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group | Paris | France | 2017!
Irenelaan Dura Vermeer
Triple-D Visuals
One of our recent projects. We hope you 'll like it!
Based in Slovakia.  
Marek is one of the most famous 3d personalities worldwide. With his artistic projects achieved to present his personal unique style and an amazing quality on his artworks. Even we all know his passion about 3d art, his main target for the future is to give more and more time to his family. A message that we all must have in mind!
Based in Poland.  
Tomek is the owner at Downtown Studio, a talented 3d artist, with his own dramatic style, has created great projects. . He encourages us to be brave and open-minded with our creations as 3d art is full of emotions!
Triple-D Visuals  
Based in Netherlands.  
Since 1998 with a keen eye for detail, George focuses on delivering high quality architectural and artistic presentations. The company invests in the latest stable technology to provide flexibility and deliver projects on time.
Based in Croatia.  
Zoran has always been interested in arts. He realized 3d is his love and started working to make it his full time job. In 2001 he and his friend Omar joined to form Arscom Studio, and they pushed hard to satisfy their clients worldwide offering good quality work.
Wanderers Official VW Members
Phoenix Studio Design  
Based in Iran.  
I've worked in almost 200 different projects including all kinds of interior and exterior design. I have worked in many architectural and civil companies and I've learnt a lot. I offer my services in several countries
Based in Mexico.  
My name is Ivan Guillen and I'm a 3d artist specialized in architectural visualization.
NB Studio  
Based in Vietnam.  
My name is Ngoc Bau and I'm an architect, designer and 3D Artist. With many years of experience working in visualization and architecture field, we can satisfy all your needs !
Matheus Passos Visualization  
Based in Brazil.  
MPVIZ is a digital boutique, an original form for presentation of architectural projects. We are inspired by ethics and art and we are proud for our work.
Based in UK.  
ARQUI9 was, founded in 2011 by , Pedro Fernandes, 2D/3D Architectural Visualization Artist. The Studio is directed by Pedro Fernandes, who also lends his capabilities to other studios as a collaborative Artist/Architect.
Based in Poland.  
Our focus is to deliver the best possible quality in the shortest time. Our main goal is to create spectacular photo-realistic images with a great attention to detail. We love to work with great designs and that's why we try to choose our projects very carefully so that we only represent great architecture.
Based in Lebanon.  
Architectural Visualization has become a main asset to architecture,so artists and studios world-wide are competing furiously to be the best. For that reason Sleiman Sbeih founded K-frame to be a lead and a main competitor from Lebanon.
Based in Spain.  
Berga & González is an Architectural Visualization studio founded in 2001, by the architects Alberto Berga and Javier González, and based in Barcelona.
German Fuentes
My name is German Fuentes, 37 years old, from Bogota, Colombia. I’m industrial designer 2005 graduated. From there I was very interested to work in CGI and I am currently working in architectural and product visualization for 12 years.
Fernando Estanes
After taking several courses and workshops, the 5SRW Method put all my V-Ray knowledge in order. I'm now able to make photorealistic renderings in a simple and effective way. All the contents of the course are well explained and learning is achieved step by step.
Monica Rautenbach
This course answered all my questions I ever had on framing, light set up, materials, final render and post production! Loved every second of it! Worth every penny and minute spend on it!
Terry Pisel
The 5SRW method has changed my life! Being self-taught with all my 3D knowledge it was refreshing and informative to learn the correct method to setting up lighting, camera settings, and composition and I no longer struggle though test after test to find the correct settings.
Freelance Artist
Hai Doan
We 've seen a lot of projects with a similar theme, villa in the forest... Nevertheless, when the artist's touch is unique and obvious, it makes all the difference. It's that moment when we look at the image and say: "This is nice!"
Freelance Artist
Filipe Arcanjo
In VWArtclub we really enjoy artworks which doesn't look similar to each other. A few months ago, Filipe uploaded one of these in our official *Gallery and thus we asked him to share his work-flow with all of us. Enjoy it!
Freelance Artist
Andhika Zanuar
Photo Manipulation Photoshop - Create a Dramatic Light Effect.
Created Renders
Luan Nunes
Luan Nunes created a very detailed making of article on his project the Nilo House, made with SketchUp & V-Ray. He would like to share it with all VW *Members around the world. Enjoy!
Total Chaos 2018
This May, Chaos Group invites you to Sofia!
Winners 2017
Another year with stunning 3d artworks published on VW *Gallery. Enjoy them!
Black Friday Sales Party!
Big discounts by all VW *Sponsors starting from Black Friday until Cyber Monday! The perfect time to go shopping!!!
V-Ray 3.6 For SketchUp 2018 & Webinar
Full support for SketchUp 2018 in v-ray 3.6 for sketchup. Powerful GPU and new hybrid rendering hit SketchUp.
VW *Members
A compilation of 50 Cabins made by our official members, check it out!
Interior Design
House & Home
See how designer Meghan Carter transformed a dark, closed-off main floor into a bright, relaxing and functional space for a young couple looking to start a family.
A mix of concrete, metal and distressed wood provides a contemporary face-lift for a young couple’s home
Andreu World
Nuez, an enveloping and technological design.
Design Connected
Palette Table Jh7 free 3d model. Enjoy it!
Design Connected
Coco Table Lamp free 3d model. Enjoy it!
Design Connected
La Chance
Blot Stool free 3d model. Enjoy it!
Design Connected
55" Qled Tv With Studio Stand free 3d model. Enjoy it!
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