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Be a Sponsored *Studio.

Advertising & Promotion of high quality *Studios around the world.

How does it work?

1. Sponsored *Studios account with a cost of 150€/Year.

2. Creation of *Studio Profile.

3. Creation of the Owner's Profile, as well as for the rest *Studio's members. Member-1, Member-2 and so on. 

4. Every single project has its owner and additionally, all the projects are linked to the  *Studio's Page.


1. *Studio must have at least a workforce of 2 people.

2. 5+ of your projects must fit our Quality Standards.

3. A nice web place in which you present your work.

If your *Studio meets these requirements, please SEND US your material and we will notify you of the approval.



The benefits of a sponsored *Studio are:

1. Home Page random visibility.

2. Unique & fast upload - promotion on VW website and all of our Social media.

3. Banner with random spot on all VW pages and a direct link to your website. 

4. Slideshow promotion on the main *Studios Page.

*IMPORTANT NOTE. Some of the *Studios will be promoted random with the banner while the rest with the spot player. 

5. Opportunity to win the Best *Studios Project award and several prizes from our *Sponsors.

6. +20% VIP Discount on all VWArtclub promotion & advertisement services. 

7. Free Job Adverts. One free Jobs announcement/Year.

8. +20% VIP Discount on Design ConnectedVIZPARKAXYZ, Forest/Digital & RebusFarm products. 

If your existed discount is more than 20% in our *Sponsors E-Shops then please CONTACT US in order to inform you about the percentage of your final discount.

9,  Free "Sell Something" posts on VWArtclub *Group (80.000+ Members) once/month.

10. Sponsored *Studios 150€/Year. (110+40€ for the #VisualWander2018 *Contest).

Studio sponsorship is a triangular way of marketing where all users have a profitable way of promotion.
We have been successfully running this process for the past few years. Just do it!

How it works.

1. VWArtclub offers extra social media promotion to its *Sponsors with logo, link & mention for free.

2. Sponsor offers a 20% VIP Discount to our sponsored *Studios.

3. Studio buys a sponsored account on our website enjoying significant promotion & discounts.



Website Statistics 2017.


Social Network Statistics 2017.

VWArtclub has a very active social network and The Biggest Facebook Group worldwide related to 3D.

VWArtclub 77.000 + members | VW Characters & VFX  2.000 + members. 
Vray World FB Page. 35.000+ Likes | VWArtclub FB Page. 6.000+ Likes.
Twitter 2.800+ Followers.
Google+ 400+ followers & 660.000+ Views. 
Google+ Group 1600+ members.
Pinterest 1.600+ Followers.
YouTube 1000+ Subscribers.

Payments are also possible through a  Bank Transfer. 
For any possible query you might have, do not hesitate to CONTACT US!
Best regards & Keep rendering,
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