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Be A *Supporter.

If you would like to promote your work & 3D Stuff on our *Group (80.000+ Members), then Be a *Supporter!

Be a *Supporter with a Subscription.

Since an artist is a *Group member, he/she is able to upgrade his/her profile to a *Supporter enjoying the benefits below.  
1. Projects approval on our big *Group without *Quality Standards.
2. Participation in the *Group VWArtclub *Supporters. *Learning & Useful Tips. 
3. Communication with VWTeam through our FB Page. 
4. Free sell something posts on our *Group. 1 Post/Month.
5. *Jobs ads priority.
Costs 50€/Year. (30+20€ for the #VisualWander2018 *Contest).

50€ / Year.


Payments are also possible through a  Bank Transfer or Western Union. For any possible query you might have, do not hesitate to CONTACT US!

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*Sponsor - 5SRW. 

If you want quick progress without spending time on unnecessary information, our *Sponsor 5SRW offers you a great series of lessons and a value for money solution. Check it out! 

Kind regards & Keep rendering,

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