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Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy describes how and when VWArtclub collects, uses and shares your information when you use our services.

VWArtclub takes privacy very seriously and is committed to safeguarding your information.

By visiting and sharing your 3d artworks on both website and Facebook  Groups you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

VWArtclub collects and maintains personal information provided to us by people who visit the site and subscribe to our services. Information may include a visitor’s name, business or home address, phone number, e-mail address, employment history, educational background, ethnicity, age, gender or any other information that a user might provide.

The information provided to us is used to update your profile and allow search firms and companies to search our database for possible board nominees.

VWArtclub does not share or sell your personal information to any 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

VWArtclub also may disclose information in VWArtclub's database when required to do so by law. We reserve the right to provide the information to our staff or contractors as needed to allow them to perform maintenance and web services on our behalf.

VWArtclub also reserves the right to disclose information to 3rd parties to investigate, detect or prosecute criminal attacks on both our website and network.

VWArtclub makes reasonable efforts to maintain the security and privacy of all the information you provide us with. Access to your personal information is limited to those individuals who are authorized to use it for business and administration. 

If you would like to remove your information from VWArtclub, please contact us.

We retain the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revision on our site. These changes will be effective upon posting, unless stated otherwise. You should review this policy on occasion. Use of VWArtclub and its services constitutes your full acceptance of this policy.

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