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How to become an official *Member.

Learn how to become an official VWArtclub *Member, Free or Sponsored!

The answer is quite simple! You just need one approved project on our website. There are two possible ways; one direct and one indirect.
1. Direct. Send your projects through this FORM directly to our server.
2. Indirect. Participate in our *Groups on Facebook.
Learn how to use our FB forums in one minute.

It is well known that we have some Quality Standards. Our Criteria are not extremely high but we want to see a strongly creative project and finally your passion through your images. When a project is selected we share it through our social media and the artist's name is tagged on Facebook. Please keep in mind that we do not provide information when a project is not selected. The only reason is our quality standards. 
Since an artist becomes an official VW *Member he/she is able to upgrade his/her profile to a sponsored one! 

Be a sponsored VW *Member.

That means at least one approved project by VWTeam.

The cost is 60€/Year and it includes the benefits below.  
1. Project's promotion in a single banner on our social media.
2. Random visibility on our home page.
3. Extra visibility inside the *Members list.
4. Improvements on your profile page once per year.
5. Free "Sell Something" posts on VWArtclub *Group once per month.
6. Participation in the "Find Your Artist" campaign. 

For any possible query you might have, do not hesitate to CONTACT US!
Best regards & Keep rendering,
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300x430 CGWorld II
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300x430 CGWorld I
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300x250 V-Ray
300x430 HDRI HUB  HDRI Skies High Res 2
300x430 HDRI HUB  Business 3D People
300x430 HDRI HUB  Spa 3D People
300x430 HDRI HUB  HDRI Skies High Res 1
300x430 HDRI HUB  Sitting 3D People
300x430 HDRI HUB Space HDRI Skies
300x430 RebusFarm 2
300x430 RebusFarm 1
145x145 iCube
145x145 Advertise Here
145x145 TF
145x145 DC
300x430 VizPark Real Trees II
300x430 VizPark HDRI Complete
300x430 VizPark Real Ground
300x430 VizPark Plants Complete
300x430 VizPark Walls Tiles Complete
300x250 Bentanji 1
300x250 Bentanji 4
300x250 Bentanji 2
300x250 Bentanji 3
300x250 Bentanji 5
300x125 CGAxis
300x430 Studio K-Frame
300x430 Studio ATviz
300x430 Studio Agency3D
300x430 Studio Terodesign
300x430 Studio Gayarre Infografia

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