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N Apartment
Vizon Studio
Keywords: stars, white, playful
Vizon Studio
Sharing a few close-ups from a work in progress project.
Tokoro Apartment
Vizon Studio
Few shots from an older project, hope you like them!
Systematic Failure
Vizon Studio
Not quite the typical archviz project.
Lenguage Academy
A new Hebrew Lenguage Academt Designed by A.Lerman togheter with Elvira turek And Daniel Finkel
Mercado Tielemans
Client´s project was a market located in Chiapas Mx. the whole procces was kinda peculiar due to the many adaptations but at the end it all came through prett nice.
restaurant Βreakfast 
Freelance Artist
About the design .. Design for a breakfast restaurant where the feeling of comfort and warmth in the place through the use of warm colors and natural lighting
Hills & Sea Kea
Batis Studio
Project: Hills & Sea Kea. Services: Architectural Visualization
Apartment block
Batis Studio
Project: Apartment block. Services: Architectural Visualization
Freelance Artist
Bakery (3d Photography), hope you like it!!
Organic Cafe
Freelance Artist
Hi Guys, Hope you all like it !!
Flughafen Lobby
Freelance Artist
!! Hope you all like it, kind regards !!
A Part Of Your Dream
Freelance Artist
"If I am really a part of your dream, You'll come back one day"
A Knock on my door
Freelance Artist
"A Knock on my door and i opened into a garden of bougainvillea"
Salt in the Air
Freelance Artist
Salt in the Air & Sand in the Hair
Beautiful Nature
Freelance Artist
Beautiful Nature recall my old memories!
Department Store
iddqd Studio
Architecture: Andrea Vattovani Architecture
Mountain Retreat
This is the project that we've been working on for quite some time now. It is supposed to be the sandbox for our articles as well as some future courses.
Eiffel Terrace
Designed by Ernesto Vela Architects.
Apartment Somewhere
Volume Visual
images I did for GTV to prepare a residential interior for the presentation of a specific type of lighting from the company's catalog.
Chalet Lounge
Freelance Artist
Designing the interior concept of a chalet living room in 3d
IN WOO villa
IN WOO villa, USA by: Mark Atkins, AIA Sw: 3dmax, corona and PS. CG: vicnguyendesign.
Vegetarian restaurant
Vegetarian restaurant Design: Le House Location: Viet Nam CG: VicnguyenDesign Sw: 3dmax and PS
The Glass
Inspiration, The Glass Path of Iryna Nalyvaiko. Sw: 3dmax, corona and PS. CG: vicnguyendesign.
Lonely after covid
2021- lonely, after covid -2022 THANH LE-VICNGUYEN DESIGN sw: 3dmax...PS
Working Space
Working space. A family of artists, making paper lamps A job, full of inspiration. from Canada CG: VicnguyenDesign sw: 3dmax...PS
Minimal Natural
Freelance Artist
Natural pallete apartemnet, interior design by me, personal work inspired Suiyu Studio project in Tapei
Rustic Kitchen
Freelance Artist
Visualization I made for fun, countryside kitchen
Villa Toscca
Freelance Artist
3D visualization and interior design by me, mediterranean villa inspired by Casa Cook Hotel and Mea Terra
Colorful Apartment
Freelance Artist
French style apartment with colorful interior design, personal work
Pool Patio
Freelance Artist
Sunny patio, personal work inspired by Australian houses
Vintage Greenhouse
Freelance Artist
A greenhouse with an old and rustic charm, hope you like it
Luxury House
Freelance Artist
Quick elegant living and dinning room visualisation, 3Ds max and Corona, done on my free time for fun.
Pangea Mansion
A conceptual mansion rendered for Caprini&Pellerin Architects
Tall-E Studio
A tiny project focused on Corona Renderer caustics
Garden Apartment
Dulce in piro
Garden Apartment its a project that brings nature to multi-family housing
Street Photography
Freelance Artist
Park Complex
iddqd Studio
Fraser River Industrial Zone Revitalization Project in Vancouver.
Rehlingstraße & Moos I
The Moment
Freelance Artist
One family moment is worth a thousands words.
Exterior Villa
Freelance Artist
Hi guys, I share these Exteriors Renders, I hope you like them!
Kenji Nakashima
Freelance Artist
I was inspred on Father's Day, my Dad couldn't come to Japan with me before he passed.
Cabin in Ontario
A beautiful tiny lodge in the forest.
Shubh Villa
Villa project with nice story for alone felling
CGI - Exterior III
KNB Visualization
One of our project in Norway. Find us for more renders:
The Northshore House
Sebastian Sliwinski Studio
Project made in collaboration with architect, Richard Butler.
Haight Clothing Store
Helldoor Visual Studio
Reproduction of the Haight Clothing Store by Entre Terras & Pablo Resende
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