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TH Mega Render
Chappie was the best film 2015 in my opinion and I’m one of the biggest fans of Neil Blomkamp.
Cyborg Arm
TH Mega Render
This is a personal project in order to test some modeling and texturing techniques.
This is a personal project.
Prototype Sci-Fi Suit
TH Mega Render
This is a personal project, I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
The Likeness study of Hawkeye, I hope that you like it!
This is a personal project.
Avia girl
Freelance Artist
Personal project. I hope that you like it!
The Beauty
Freelance Artist
The Beauty original sketch by: Izzy Medrano my Facebook: Ghaith memo.
The Division Character
Freelance Artist
The unreleased Game „The Division“ is tickling me since the first official trailer release.
Freelance Artist
Hello to everybody! This is my personal project. It was a very enjoyable work.
Warrior Dwarf
Freelance Artist
Hello Guys! this is my last project, in these job I learn a lot about the shader, textures and variations of the Gloss and Specular, all it's working together with materials of the diffuse, normal map and bump.
Conan El Nino
Freelance Artist
This is my last project. I hope that you like it!
Michael Fassbender
Freelance Artist
A portrait for the actor Michael Fassbender, I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
Exposure is a personal project created to fuse together cartoony proportions and complex hard surface meshes. Both phenomenons are popular in modern-day CGI, but are rarely ever intertwined.
Freelance Artist
Likeness sculpting, I hope that you like it!
Little Bee
This is our internal project. Done with V-Ray RT CUDA 3.2 + Ornatrix. Rendered on 2 x Titan X GPU.
Freelance Artist
a practice of a cyberpunk style, it took 3 week to be made, and is the beginning of a one more powerful project.
Skin Shader, Rendering and Post-Production by Germano Vieira 3D Model and Textures by Eisko.
Lee Perry Smith
Model and Textures by Lee Perry Smith / Infinite Realities Skin shader and Render by Germano Vieira.
Sweet Pea
Freelance Artist
The final Render for Sweet Pea. It took me some time to finish it but i hope that you like it!
Personal project. Modeling, texturing, lighting, shading, rendering and comp.
Time is a flat circle
Tax Free Films
I was mesmerized by hbo show "True Detective", especially of course by character Rustin Cohle so i decided to take that inspiration and did something on that kind of line. Hope you like it.
Côte d’Azur Pin Up
Freelance Artist
That's a kind of memories, which I have from the Côte d’Azur. It was wonerful place for work and living. Scene around should be Port de Nice.
iddqd studio
My last project, a speedy sculpting, I hope that you like it!
MDP - 3D Visualization
Hello guys, this is my newest work!
Wasp Close Up
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Wasp close up | Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
My last project, I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
Jomaro is cartoon character which was my love in childhood.
Character for a Short movie project.
Batmann Alex Ross
Freelance Artist
It's an image I made a tutorial that would be avaible soon. The idea was to make a Batman portrait lighting in Alex Ross style.
Tax Free Films
Here's one of my attempts in reproducing a character with sad attitude, he's Robert.
Italian Knight
Freelance Artist
This knight inspirated by references which were in our lates industrial short movie about a Hungarian Castle.
Freelance Artist
Personal project that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks in my free time.
The Coronation
Tax Free Films
Here it is the napoleon coronation, which i stumbled upon while reading a book about society portraiture.
The Wanderer
Tax Free Films
Being an admirer of feudal Japan references, i decided to create a complete scene of a renegade samurai.
Freckles in a Blanket
Freelance Artist
This is an image I created that was featured in 3D Artist Magazine.
Voodoo Doll
The voodoo, who do, what you don't dare do people...Magic people, magic people, voodoo people, magic people...
Freelance artist
Hello, this is RED one of my two little characters created to create small animations.
Freelance artist
Inspired by Alex Ross. Here I am not trying to make a photorealistic face but to propose my vision of Superman.
King Kong
Tunche Films
This gorilla 3d was made for a television commercial for a local newspaper in Peru, which is to be king kong peering through the window of a building.
Late to work
CG Project
Everyone knows how embarrassing it can be late for work or a meeting...
Spider & Skull
Genetically engineered spider.
Iron Minion
Boxxod Design
Fusion between a Minion and Ironman, to result in this fun character. Modeling in 3ds Max, rendered with Vray, were used and lighting vraymtls one VRayHDRI. The post production was done in Photoshop.
A brother
Freelance artist
a composition that i did for my sister :) hope you'll like it
The Blue Project
Freelance artist
Hello, I wanted to share a piece I've been working on for a while now.
Singing in the rain
Freelance Artist
I did this project for a string of classic movie scenes, all with the iron man.
Happy Birthday Nana
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone! I thought I would share my latest piece of work. This image was inspired by my Nana who passed away a few years ago.
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone, here is my latest work.
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