VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Mykonos Highend Resort
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with an architectural approach.
Chico Bogota
Freelance Artist
Apartment Remodeling - Software: Corona, 3dsmax, Photoshop
Weststrasse Plauen
Grizli Studio
An old building for the fabrication of lace is being transformed to luxury appartments.
The residential complex consists of four high-rise towers connected by a one-story stylobate and two-story underground parking.
Lap Pool House
Freelance Artist
Lap Pool House” project by Aristides Dallas Architects
Living Room III
Freelance Artist
“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ”
Detail Images
We already made so many images and also so many detail impressions. Each detail is a small piece of art. Hereby I want to share a selection of our detail images we made.
Wabi-sabi Haven
Freelance Artist
As the day awakens, the room bathes in the gentle embrace of morning sunlight, embodying the essence of wabi-sabi with its simple yet refined charm.
Villa In The US
Freelance Artist
The Mediterranean villa project of NBOX team
Evermotion Village
My image shows an outdoor winter scene
The Grid Collection
Matchbox Team
the grid collection for OTS X Poppy Prints
Matchbox Visualizations
A set that we created for Calico Wallpapers
Lux Loft
Matchbox Team
A project for OTS X poppy prints, New York. One of "The Grid Collection" of Poppy Prints
Scandinavian Dining
Matchbox Visualizations
A project for OTS X poppy prints, New York. One of "The Grid Collection" of Poppy Prints
Soul Marbella Sunlife
VisEngine Digital Solutions
Project: Soul Marbella Sunlife Property Developer: AEDAS Homes 3D Visualisation: VisEngine Digital Solutions Location: Marbella, Malaga, Spain Tools used: Corona Renderer, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
Ancient Hill
VisEngine Digital Solutions
Project: Ancient Hill Property Developer: El Gouna Properties 3D Visualisation: VisEngine Digital Solutions Location: El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt Tools used: Corona Renderer, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
The Valencia
Freelance Artist
My architectural render of The Valencia opera house
Seine en Ciel
The concept behind Seine en Ciel revolves around the establishment of urban connections that structure the building, the use of the ground floor and redefine the relation with the public space.
Animation Parq Waal
For Van Pelt Group we were allowed to make this animation of the Parq Waal project in Barendrecht
Hall Balance
Hall with burnt cement floor, marble walls and walnut and cream lacquered furniture. Elegance and modernity.
Interior Neo-Classic
AREF Studio
Hi. Architect: Kadkhoda Visualization: Aref Razavi , Zahra Mohseni , Kosar Yousefi , Farzad Hasanzadeh Dubai Dec 2023 Software: 3ds max,corona,aref razavi,aref studio,aref3dsmax
Bar Storia Del Cafe
Lawasha Studio
3Ds max 2020 | Corona Renderer 7.0 |Photoshop CC
See Your World
Freelance Artist
Rethinking of a cabin as viewpoint. Entry for D2 Competition with CommonPoint "Cabin Challenge". Image part of the TOP5 selection!
Chem De La Chapelle
Freelance Artist
Aerial rendering for the villa renovation in France.
Holligerhof 9
Real estate renderings, Switzerland.
Diamond Center
NAG® Studios
Art direction by NAG® Studios. Design & build by Home Gate Construction. Real estate development by EBNY Real Estate
Abarth 500
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you ´ll like it!
Santa Rosa
Mid-Century Modern Architecture
Sanctuary of serenity
Freelance Artist
Welcome to an intimate and cozy retreat where nature meets luxury. This bathroom is a sanctuary of serenity, designed to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.
Autumn Mist
Freelance Artist
With this project, I wanted to capture the misty environments near the end of Autumn , as they appear in a movie.
Disappearance Of Amy
Freelance Artist
This project was done for ´The Rookies Awards 2023´ competition. I received Global Rank B in Visual Effects Category and Draft Selection Award.
Vendoria- 8X
Freelance Artist
This was my submission for ´ Mission to Minerva ´ KB3D Global Challenge held in 2022. I was honored to be in the final 20 from around 32000 competitors and mentioned in the concept art highlight reel.
Sector B-11
Freelance Artist
In this project, I wanted to study the cinematic camera angles, further into the object/character composition, depth of field, the shadow side camera placement and lighting, and motivated lighting.
Pirate´s Cove
Freelance Artist
For this project, I wanted to achieve a gloomy cinematic look and add a bit of a story about a pirate´s cove to this scene. I wanted to make it appear as if this scene was captured from a movie.
Tree House
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone, just wanted to share my latest personal works. I hope you´ll like it! Inspired by the Archdaily Tree-House and credit to Designer. Software : Corona Renderer, 3Dmax & CS.
Beach Modular House
Freelance Artist
modular house, concept in modular houses. A high standard metal structure, which will have incredible freedom of customization!
Rosentreppe Plauen
Grizli Studio
Introducing ´Rosentreppe´ Plauen: two new apartment blocks crowning a Plauen hill. Inhabitants will have stunning panoramic views of German Vogtland´s.
River Park Towers
Visualization of game room design for Aeon
Small London Apartment
Freelance Artist
A project for a small apartment in Central London. The project involved the interior design and renderings and the main challenge was to prove that a small space can be functional and aesthetically pleasing
Modern House In Brazil
Studio Lummo - Miguel Ribeiro
These are renderings made by us, Studio Lummo, for an architectural firm here in Brazil.
Tray Flower Shop
Insignia Design Group
new flower shop in dubai done by insignia design group
Wallpaper set 3/3
Matchbox Archviz
Wallpaper for Laine + Alliage, New York based studio
Wallpaper set 2/3
Matchbox Archviz
Wallpaper for Laine + Alliage
Wallpaper set 1/3
Matchbox Archviz
Wallpapers set for Laine + Alliiage
Home Office II
Freelance Artist
“You don’t need more space, you need less stuff.”
Vanilla Studio
A luxurious residential apartment complex in Al Khobar city, with integrated facilities and multiple services to provide a modern lifestyle that suits one’s needs.
Freelance Artist
Lefortovo project, Inspired by the design of @buro5
Botelos Restaurant
Ntornoarquitectura Studio
Contemporary restaurant located in Manta, Ecuador, with subtle and elegant architectural details, giving a pleasant and comfortable place for the public
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