VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Azieweg Netherlands
Render Art
Azieweg, Netherlands - Renderings for the Azieweg Tender reveal an ambitious proposal for urban development that harmonizes modernity with sustainability.
Tender Kamerik
Render Art
Tender Kamerik - Renderings for Tender Kamerik unveil a transformative vision for urban development that blends modernity with rural charm.
Mercer Factory USA
Render Art
Mercer Factory, USA -Renderings for the Mercer Factory with mass timber offer an innovative approach to industrial architecture, combining sustainability with functionality.
Tender Snellerport
Render Art
Tender Snellerport - Renderings for the Tender Snellerport present an innovative and dynamic vision for urban development and transportation infrastructure.
Senior House
Render Art
Senior House - The renderings for the senior house in Holland depict a modern and compassionate living environment tailored to the unique needs of older adults.
Golf Course Aerial
Render Art
Golf Course Aerial - The design prioritizes sustainability, with eco-friendly features such as native plantings, water-efficient irrigation systems, and wildlife habitats contributing to the course´s ecological
Music School
Render Art
Music School -The architectural design harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering state-of-the-art facilities that inspire students and faculty alike.
Acmesa Assen
Render Art
Acmesa Assen - Renderings for Acmesa Assen in the Netherlands offer a compelling vision for urban rejuvenation and economic revitalization.
Cultural Centre Tartu
Render Art
International Competition, Cultural Centre, Tartu - Renderings for the International Competition, Cultural Centre in Tartu, depict an architectural marvel poised to become a beacon of cultural excellence and co
De Kwekerij Doetinchem
Render Art
De Kwekerij Doetinchem in Netherlands Competition - Renderings for the De Kwekerij Doetinchem Competition in the Netherlands present an ambitious vision for urban renewal and community enrichment.
Den Helder Competition
Render Art
Den Helder Competition in Netherlands - Renderings for the Den Helder Competition in the Netherlands depict a forward-looking architectural endeavor aimed at revitalizing the cityscape.
Halle Theoretikum
Render Art
Halle Theoretikum Competition - The renderings depict an innovative fusion of functionality and aesthetics, tailored to meet the unique needs of a theoretical research facility.
Tender Zevenaar
Render Art
Renderings for Tender ´Het Hof in Zevenaar´ - The tender showcases meticulous architectural designs that seamlessly blend contemporary elements with the rich heritage of Zevenaar.
Natural History Museum
Render Art
The Natural History Museum Interior Renderings of the whale museum showcase a captivating blend of scientific exploration and artistic expression. Upon entering, visitors are immersed in a world where the majes
Swedish Apartment
Freelance Artist
Swedish apartment in Paris, Inspired by Grey Deco Interiors | corona and 3ds max
Pavillion Brugge
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with an architectural approach.
Paros Prodromos
SDZ Design & Visualization
Architectural Design by Studio265 | Interior Design by Kely Katampa
Rock Resort
Architectural designer
The Rock Resort in Riyadh, Wadi Hanifa, whose design was inspired by the idea of ​​an oasis surrounded by mountains in all directions.
Freelance Artist
French fireplace | corona and 3ds max
The Lounge
A1 Vision
THE LOUNGE Interior design: Bates Smart
Punta del Este Tower
nobrand studio
Punta del Este Tower, Uruguay
House Iron JAW
Freelance Artist
New house design in Tbilisi by Irakli Shevchenkho and visualized by me, features a unique stairway, creative fence, and a garage tucked beneath on sloped terrain.
House Ikigai
Single-family residential building
Apartment Design
3D dezeen
Apartment (duplex) Visualization by 3D dezeen / Design by ODA dezeen
Gandia Blasco Awards
Weronika Blitek Studio
Gandia Blasco Group x BoModels International 3D Awards 2024 | My work has been recognized in the category: Special Mentions
Architectural visualization of the Ivory project
Quiet and Wild
Freelance Artist
Just for fun, I love spent time exploring new concepts and testing new techniques
Train Station
Freelance Artist
Just for fun, I love to spend time exploring new concepts and testing new techniques
Garden Environment
Freelance Artist
In this project, we planned a garden environment for our client and realized it in 3D. In addition, we modeled the customer´s garden furniture to present it in a natural environment.
Modern Villa 01
Location : New giza, Egypt Software Used : -Autodesk 3dsmax 2020 -Corona Renderer 6.0 -Adobe Photoshop CC2020
Al-Thanya Tower
ALTHANYA TOWER Visualization Type || Exterior Visualization Location || Riyadh,KSA
Terraced House
Create Render
Location: Munich, Germany | Visualization: Create Render
Terra Cotta
Weronika Blitek Studio
"Terra Cotta" draws inspiration from the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Mediterranean region.
The Peak Dosan House
Animin Studio
The Peak Dosan, Seoul, South Korea.
Living Room In London
Freelance Artist
Inspired by the idea of a London living room, trying to convey elegance, aesthetics and design.
Freelance Artist
My entry for the Evermotion Challenge 2023
Scandi Interior
Freelance Artist
Personal Project that draws inspiration from Scandinavian Architecture. Nordic style, characterized by light nuances, simple furnishings and large spaces, made even more apparently large by prevalence of white.
Sunny Mediterranean
4B Design & Marketing
Smell the flower and feel sunny skies. Let your soul and spirit fly
Black Mantel
Freelance Artist
I would like to share with you guys an interior I did recently for a client. I hope you enjoy it.
We are glad to present this new project in the hart of Madrid. This is a fully refurbished luxury flat on which we have developed all the imagery.
Home In Gredos
To understand nature as our true home, to recognize that we are an intrinsic part of it, and to allow it to embrace us in our daily lives is a true privilege.
Casa le Dior
Overall, "Casa le Dior" likely offers a space where visitors can immerse themselves in luxury, surrounded by the charm and elegance associated with the Dior brand.
Sad Place
Freelance Artist
Small animation made in 3ds max with fstorm render.
Dominio Cumbre
Dominio Cumbre | Terra Regia by RENDERINC.
Marbella Studio
Verdiales is a project we created for our client in Spain expressing the tradition villa design.
Marbella Studio
Enjoy this modern villa, which boasts a harmonious blend of textures and neutral tones.
Boca Do Lobo
Marbella Studio
Step into a realm of opulence with Boca do Lobo.
House Renovation
Freelance Artist
A renovation project for a house in Koukaki, Athens (Greece)
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