VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Available in two different versions, LumiBar invites the urban dwellers to enjoy their favorite drinks or meeting with friends.
urban planning
Architectural Engineer
Development of Port Said south area (design visualization)
18 Robinson Tower
a1 vision
18 ROBINSON TOWER_SINGAPORE Architecture: @KPF Interior Styling: A1vision CGI: A1vision
Bresoala Restaurant
Insignia Design Group
New restaurant design in Saudi Arabia done by the Insignia Design Group.
White Villa
Architectural Engineer
villa white With palm -3dsmax -Vray
HEYA URBAN STAY. Conceptual animation and renderings for Room 2035, Heya hotel.
M004 NYC
a1 vision
Architecture: A1vision; Styling and Render by A1vision
Villa in Palairos II
Freelance Artist
The project is about one of six villas which are part of a new development,currently building in Palairos,Greece.
Cabins house
Architectural Engineer
Alone among the trees of the forests I find happiness
Modern Home
Architectural Engineer
-Designed for a simple modern home -Location (UAE)
House GM
Mattia Penazzi Architect
Personal work - House for a young couple in love for scandinavian style.
Before everyone else
Before everyone else. Salle Sport Marcelin competition, in Switzerland. Images by Okdraw, architecture by @acauarchitecture.
Villa in Palairos I
Freelance Artist
The project is about one of six villas which are part of a new development,currently building in Palairos,Greece.
Inspiration Village
Freelance Artist
inspiration of the village (Dawn of a beautiful day)
Simple Boy Bedroom
Freelance Artist
" Do What You Love ,, Love What You Do ''
Vitaarchitecture 2021
Vicnguyen Design
Vitaarchitecture 2021 sw: 3dmax, corona and PS CG full max: VicnguyenDesign thanks all
56 Leonard Street
56 Leonard Street in NYC is one the landmark in Manhattan by the renowned architectural studio Herzog & De Meuron.
Enigma Visual Solution
To create a set of office concepts for Enigma Visual Solutions to showcase their office interiors company. Each concept to reflect a different level of design, cost and suitability.
Celle de Andalıcia
The Block Visual
Celle de Andalıcia Departamento is completely designed in Spanish old-style architecture and carries today's modern lines.
Oak Pass House
Eves Visualization
Here is my re-creation based of the Oak Pass Main House designed by Walker Workshop.
Queen Alia Internation
I would like to introduce my non-commissioned personal work done for practise. During this project I focused on advanced postproduction from grey ascetic raw render.
House A
Freelance Artist
3d max , corona render , adobe Photoshop ,,,,
The Country road
Freelance Artist
My country road..... I'm training with iIoo & corona, I hope you'll like it!
Freelance Artist
inspired by the beautiful pedestrian streets of europe
Reptiles Box
Freelance Artist
Hey Guys , My Latest Practice : " Reptiles Box "
Lakenvelder Laren
located in Laren, the Netherlands
Athens Boutique Hotel
Freelance Artist
The project is a renovation of a small hotel in Athens near the city center. Designed by:
Sports cluster
Freelance Artist
Development of the concept in 3d, sports cluster.
Villa in France
Freelance Artist
This is a project of Villa in France that I've done for an architectural studio based in Monaco.
Cabins UK
Freelance Artist
This is a project of Cabins that I've done for an architectural studio based in London.
Honey Carrera
Freelance Artist
Sometimes, we need to take a look at behind the scene, well, lets see what happened in my studio renders, Honey Carrera is shining now :)) Full CGI artwork 3dsmax - Corona - PS
Freelance Artist
I tried to do something different. I add architectural design and concept art.
MC Visualization
Scandinavian Apartment "Scandi-AP_FF02" Part-02
Visualisation of Apartment in Warsaw
Freelance Artist
Modern Master Bedroom & dressing in Natural mood :)
Fender Rhodes Woods
A litlle cabin in the woods. Architecture by Obata Noblin Architects.
St Pancras Station
Vicnguyen Design
St Pancras Station SW: 3dmax, corona, and PS CG: VicnguyenDesign thanks all C&C
Yellow autumn
Vicnguyen Design
Yellow autumn! sw: 3dmax, corona and PS CG full max: VicnguyenDesign thanks all C @ C
Maisch Townhouses
Helldoor Visual Studio
An urban case study of the homogeneous inclusion of three townhouses + one annex in the suburban surroundings of a german small-town.
Matter Apartment
Freelance Artist
The apartment on a Clift could mix the idea of letting the nature be part of the space and still be so nice to feel the stones textures once in a while.
Relax House
Freelance Artist GT3D
This scene was developed to explore various angles and various applications of Corona Render materials, and of course several details that a home can become cozy!
Project 102 done for @fala.atelier
Gessi Inciso
Inspired by simplicity and tradition, the Gessi Inciso collection merges modern style with heritage details that invite touch and discovery as well as an inner need for a return to authenticity.
Villa in Dubai
Freelance Artist
Interior design of a luxury villa in Dubai.
Freelance Artist
a 3d rendering visualization project for "Corona College" online course in the Persian language
Roof garden
artviz studio
Design and visualization of a building roof garden in Tehran.
NYC Loft
In NYC, young people enjoy a comfortable and functional environment, corresponding to the urban and modern profile of their essence: leather, metals, wood and adequate lighting for an intimate environment.
Colors is a personal project which i made with 3dsmax, corona and some photoshop correction.
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