VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Product Staging
Vertex Design
Some of our latest product staging rooms for our clients Lighting product. As usuall created in 3ds Max, Corona, Photoshop (arion fx/cameraraw)
Apartment in Gothenbur
Vertex Design
Scandinavian apartment design and visuals done for product purpose. Clien work for a Scandinavian company
MOD 2024
Vis-oN studio
Premium-class residential complex
Knokke Villa animation
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with an architectural approach.
Sunac City Exhibition
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with an architectural approach.
Hi! Boutique
We´d like to show one of our latest projects we´ve been working on. We were responsible to prepare an interior design and visualizations for the upcoming boutique with women´s clothing and leatherware.
Attic Workplace
We´d like to show a project we really enjoyed. We were responsible to create a cozy space suitable for an office located in the attic. Our clue was to propose a consistent interior despite of different areas.
Semi Garden Gallery
A couple of images which were prepared for an interior competition. It´s a concept for a gallery space with an opening for a small garden as a place to contemplate both art and nature.
We´d like to present our newest set of images prepared for Spravia as part of their new campaign in Poland. The clue was to prepare a set of interiors and an exterior with models inspired by 3 art masterpieces.
Bubbles Amsterdam
Bubbles Amsterdam. We would like to present a set of visualizations we made for Iliard a while ago. It´s a concept for a lobby, lobby bar and a restaurant of a hotel located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Zywiecka Apartments
This time we´d like to present a set of exterior visualizations made for the upcoming residential units located in Cracow. We were also responsible for presentation an attic interior space.
Marking the northern entrance to Saint-Fons, Luz is a new landmark in this neighbourhood, attracting more residents looking for affordable housing in the city of Lyon.
Antika - Beirut
T7 Studios
Antika - Beirut Lebanon Design: RGArchitects We are super excited and happy to have taken a part in working on the visuals of Antika - Beirut, Lebanon. The space screams beauty and we made sure to show that.
Penthouse-One Za´abeel
T7 Studios
Rises beautifully in the middle of Downtown Dubai, One Za´abeel
The Villa
A1 Vision
The Villa A stunning design we helped visualize for a confidential project in Malibu, California
The Bridge Project
Freelance Artist
This project serves as a mountain base camp, catering to both alpinists and tourists alike
Mooi Mathilde
Concept visuals for "Spoorzone" redevelopment in Eindhoven
Red River Gorge
Freelance Artist
Project of black shou-sugi-ban-rainscreen cladding cabin is located near Red River Gorge in Rogers, Kentucky. Architecture - Westworkshop.
The New Classic
Freelance Artist
Discover the magic of architectural visualization in this project that blends classic with contemporary.
Grotto Resort Complex
Freelance Artist
Discover this peaceful sitting area by the main pool, perfectly blending into its surroundings.
Freelance Artist
SImple interior scene created for light studies
Paradise hotel located in the north Brasil.
Shenzhen RCB HQ
Magnificent 158-meter-tall structure filled with sustainable design solutions.
Palm Bay
Residential Area located in the most tropical part of Mexico.
Seafront Promenade
Freelance Artist
“Another fun project. This was made to practice and improve my skills in 3ds Max and FStorm (the best GPU engine ever). The idea is to create environments from scratch and see where the imagination leads us…”
Villa In Brasil
The idea was to create an image that showcases the correlation between nature and structure. This structure is nestled in the lap of nature.
Project Gastronomia is a 3d rendering of an architectural project for the renovation of two hundred year old commercial pavilions on Cockerill Street (Seraing, Belgium).
Minimalist Bathroom
Freelance Artist
3dsMax/ Coronarender /Photoshop
Revelstoke Exteriors
Render Art
Revelstoke Exteriors in Canada
Revelstoke Interiors
Render Art
Revelstoke Interiors in Canada
Exteriors De Opkamer
Render Art
Exteriors De Opkamer in Netherlands
Interiors De Opkamer
Render Art
Interiors De Opkamer in Kamerik, Netherlands
Living At Appeldorn
Render Art
Living at Appeldorn in Netherlands
Groningen Meerbos
Render Art
Groningen Meerbos - Living in Suistainable Way
Residence In Paros
Freelance Artist
The project is a double summer residence in Paros,Greece,
Modern Apartment
PolyRoots Studio
A modern apartment made with the sole purpose of testing tyflow.
Ice cubes
PolyRoots Studio
CHINA |ICE CUBES| Mathieu Forest Arch | Zone of Utopia
A Home Cinema
Freelance Artist
software used: 3dmax - vray - photoshop
Concept Appartements
Visuals for a new Appartment Building Concept
Bently Bacalar
Freelance Artist
Just for fun, I love to spend time exploring new concepts and testing new techniques
USA Project
Lawasha Studio
Location: 3ds Max / Corona Render / Adobe Photoshop
Oman Expo
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with an architectural approach.
Palm Desert Villa 2
Freelance Artist
The follow up project for the residence in Palm Desert. It focuses on the interior spaces of the house (living room, kitchen, dining room, entrance).
Freelance Artist
Each of the nine houses displays a unique appearance, attributed to the use of varied facade materials.
Parq Waal images
Parq Waal consists of 16 free plots on the historic Noldijk in Barendrecht. A beautiful, new residential location in the middle of greenery and on the water, yet centrally located.
Architectural Concept
3D dezeen
Architecture Concept by ODA DEZEEN / Visualization by 3D dezeen
Freelance Artist
Close-Up Visualization and 3D design by Ilya Galinsky
Shopping Center
Freelance Artist
SHOPPING CENTER Location | Moscow
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