VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Bom Sucesso
Berga & Gonzalez
Again, in Lisbon. A cosmopolitan city with an incredible historical heritage. Walking through its streets is a luxury. Magnificent buildings that are returning their wealth are hiding in each of its corners.
Punta Prima Apartments
Berga & Gonzalez
The real estate market is once again in a moment of climax. New real estate developments have been launched during the last year, with a higher increase in the Balearic Islands.
Delfin Tower
Berga & Gonzalez
A new work that has been a challenge for the whole team and in which we had the collaboration of our friends of Prompt to develop the short film.
Smart Watch
Freelance Artist
A product rendering for a tutorial
Colorful classic world
Freelance Artist
1-Ferrari 330-GT 2-PORSCHE_935-78-MOBYDIC 3-Porsche 906-Carrera 4-BMW-3(Mk2)-E30-cam2 5-FERRARI F-40 1987 Tools : 3Dsmax - Corona Renderer - Adobe PS
Sheltered Villas
Freelance Artist
The project is about one of three villas located in the island of Karpathos, Greece. Architecture and design by A&M Architects.
Modern House II
Freelance Artist
Modern House. Project by STANDart Architekci
BLM Studio
Simulation . This Image Is Full CG Except The Mountains Left . No Scripts Used For Modeling . All Buildings are Placed Manually . 80% My Own Modeling . 20 % Archmodels
Breakfast at Léman
Clouds touching mountains - Léman Lake, Montreux, Switzerland.⁠ Architecture by @cche_architecture⁠ ,image by
Sweet&Other Distress
Concrete is the new granite stone⁠ project by @nmsarquitectura⁠ image by
Colour Silhouette
A building that merges. Project by @caiano.morgado_arquitetos⁠ image by
Scandinavian living
Freelance Artist
The following project was made with 3ds max and Corona.
Casanova Project 3
Casanova is a furniture showroom with 1000m2. The showroom is to showcase furniture and interior assets that the showroom owner caters.
Freelance Artist
This is my personal project and completely done in blender with cycle render engine. I used photoshop for post production.
Minimalistic Red
Freelance Artist
The following project was made with 3ds max and Corona. I used photoshop for post production.
Oceanfront Resort
Art direction for an oceanfront resort project in Agadir, Morocco.
Classic house N37
Freelance Artist
A new look at one of our old projects
Elegant Bedroom
Freelance Artist
"Do What You Love ,, Love What You Do''
Race Day
Winter image for Les Mosses, Switzerland, public building competition. ⁠ Architecture by @atelier_up⁠ image by @okdraw
Rotos Residences
Hedra Visuals
Residencial Development | Architectural Visualization
Forza Horizon 4 | UE4
Unreal Engine/Real-Time CG Art
Personal project inspired by the beautiful barn locations in Forza Horizon 4.
Men Majlis
Freelance Artist
“You are amazing. Remember that.”
eClerx Furniture
eClerx Furniture is a furniture visualization project. 3D modeling and 3D rendering by 3DUS. Designer: eClerx Furniture. 2021
Residential Complexes
A_R Studio
We did this project according to the customer's Requests And our goal has been to pay attention to detail and be realistic.
Casanova Project 2
Casanova is a furniture showroom with 1000m2. The showroom is to showcase furniture and interior assets that the showroom owner caters.
IKEA Candle Holders
Double Optics Studio
IKEA Candle holders & candles CGI modelling & texturing.
Omega Globemaster
Double Optics Studio
Test Renderings of the Omega Globe Master.
FMCG HIM Overseas
Him Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
FMCG prototyping for finalisation of CAD design & labels for Manufacturing.
Double Optics Studio
FMCG Design & Test Renderings
Land Rover Defender
Double Optics Studio
Land Rover Defender James Bond Edition
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom Renovation project.
GROHE Lixil showcase CGI design.
Aston Martin Vanquish
Double Optics Studio
CGI insertion of Aston Martin Vanquish into HDRI.
MMA Panchkula
Venus Interio
Mixed Martial Arts Gym CGI Panchkula
Chandigarh Kitchen
Venus Interio
Small renovation project of the kitchen & dining space.
Dental Melbourne
Smile Studio Ballarat
Surgery area renders for renovation project of Smile studio Ballarat Australia.
Master Chess
Freelance Artist
personal work in memoriam of a friend.
Master Bedroom III
Freelance Artist
“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ”
Mervolt Flower Shop
Insignia Design Group
A new design shop in Saudi Arabia was done by Insignia Design Group.
House Mima
Mazur Rendering
The Mima house project is the representation that yes, there is harmony between man and nature. It is possible to live without harming the ecosystem.
Casanova project
Casanova is a furniture showroom with 1000m2. The showroom is to showcase furniture and interior assets that the showroom owner caters.
Country House
Freelance Artist
Country House - different mood -
Lego Ghostbusters
Freelance Artist
LEGO Ghostbusters nº21108 & LEGO Ghostbusters_Firehouse Headquarters
House Of Sand
Freelance Artist
House of Sand - Valencia, Spain
The Dovecote
Freelance Artist
The Dovecote - Braga, Portugal
909 Sistrunk Blv
Mixed-use project in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Architecture: MKDA
Varino 05
Freelance Artist
Varino 05 Building, Funchal - Madeira Island, Portugal -
Carolina Country Club
Bar, Restaurant and Loggia Dining renderings created for a classic country club in North Carolina. Interior Designer: The Johnson Studio. 3D renderings by 3DUS.
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