VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Residence ABC Paulista
Freelance Artist
Residence ABC Paulista designed by Gui Mattos
Tower Of Gluttony
Freelance Artist
This project´s scope was to study the realistic wave patterns using nodes and the effect of mood lighting and color grading used in movies.
Cathedral Santa Clara
Freelance Artist
Simulation Of Cathédral Santa Clara Porto Portugal
Sunny House
Freelance Artist
I made these images for a portfolio, I found the project on Archdaily and thought it was pretty cool to try and reproduce.
A remarkable example of how strategic partnerships can have a substantial impact on housing affordability.
Freelance Artist
Single-storey rear extension for a house near London, expanding the living area into an elegant open space. Architectural project by RTA associates,
Moody In Japan
VACS Vietnam
Drizzling night walk in Shimogyo.
Hotel T Belgium
Boutique hotel bar Located in Belgium
Landscape For Villa
Freelance Artist
this is my lasest work in qatar private villa
Coffee Shop
Freelance Artist
Coffee Shop design by Eduardo Zapata
Bricks Living Room
Freelance Artist
Bricks Living Room Design by Eduardo Zapata
Sanuex | Hyde Roomset
Freelance Artist
Render of a bathroom to showcase the Hyde Basins. The average size of the bathroom is to ensure people can feel like they can achieve a similar look
Mmaster Bedroom
Freelance Artist
The bedroom project is a new design for a family of three, and this is the master bedroom, and the owner of the project was very interested in a modern room
Bavovna Living Room
Freelance Artist
Living room in Germany | Design & Visualization | 3Ds MAX + V-ray
Freelance Artist
3dsmax .... vray ... ps ... hope you like it
Kodama Forest
The Kodama Forest project was made with Unreal Engine 5
Social Housing
Freelance Artist
A Social housing in Slovakia I´ve recently finished for a local client.
Towards Nature
Freelance Artist
Towards Nature, Towards You XLXN
Da Figueira House
Freelance Artist
This is another render made during course, photocopying from a reference of da figueira house by Stemmer Rodrigues arquitetura, photo taken by Marcelo Donadussi.
S´mores Saigon Caffe
Freelance Artist
A small corner in Saigon, Vietnam, in the last days of 2023.
Classic flat 3D Design
Freelance Artist
Classic flat 3D Design by Eduardo Zapata (Non authoral project)
The Forest Cabin
Freelance Artist
The Moonlight Forest Cabin Archviz personal project aims to transport viewers to a serene and picturesque scene, also showing the harmonious relationship between architecture and nature.
La Reserva de Aravaca
Berga & Gonzalez
Services: Naming, Branding, visuals and Brochure.
Villa Patricia Forment
Berga & Gonzalez
We ran an entire marketing campaign for a villa in Formentera, Villa Patricia. We included branding, brand strategy, a brochure, the website and, of course, the renderings and video.
Villa Vereda - Marbela
Berga & Gonzalez
We created a new video and still visualizations for a new villa in Marbella.
Lakeview Villa
Berga & Gonzalez
We created some images and a video for a new villa located in the Lakeview neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida.
2022 World Cup Stadium
2022 World Cup Stadium, Qatar. Zaha Hadid Architects.
Mons Train Station
Mon, Belgium Architect : Santiago Calatrava
Lamb Street and Market
Lamb Street and Market Street, Spitalfields Market
VVIP Resort
VVIP Resort | Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
The Electric Boulevard
The Electric Boulevard, The Skyline and Prospect Place.
Haramain Station
Haramain Station HHR KAEC Station | King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia
Lima Cabin
KNB Team
Dear friends, We´d like to share with you new looking of Lima cabin, inspired by Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade & Mohammad Mahmoodiye! Hope you enjoy it!
Gispen Classics
Freelance Artist
Surreal product visualization of Gispen classics furniture
Kids Bedroom
Freelance Artist
“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ”
Dark Kitchen Room
Freelance Artist
Dark kitchen 3D Visualization by Eduardo Zapata
Gap House
Freelance Artist
Gap House was more than just a project for me; it was a genuine source of inspiration. Wes, a client from the United States, reached out to me. He needed architectural visualizations for an incredible project:
Elegant Bedroom
Freelance Artist
3ds max. corona render. Adobe Photoshop
Freelance Artist
3ds max. corona render. Adobe Photoshop
White Flat
Freelance Artist
White Flat 3D Visualization by Eduardo Zapata
Andrei Mikhalenka
Reassembled one of the old shots in Houdini Solaris to push forward skills and understanding of Pixar´s USD. Rendered with V-Ray for Houdini.
Suburb Building
A Design
A wonderful building on the edge of a green park
A Design
A modern skyscraper somewhere in Brazil
House Diamantina
A Design
A mix of architectures in Oporto
House Madeira
A Design
A house with a privileged view over the sea.
House Granja
A Design
Modern house with straight lines facade
House SV
A Design
Unifamiliar home with burned wood facades
Villa Utopia
A Design
A bold architecture in a privileged space.
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