VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Latest Projects.

Forest Cabin
A forest cabin. Do you want to live here?
Modern bavarian style
Modern bavarian style house wie did for a client. What do you think about this style?
The next building from the Soviet era is the "Druzhba" rest home in Yalta.
Residency in Frankfurt
This time we show you a project in Frankfurt, living in an exclusive location.
7th Element
"7th element" - New Douro's bridge competition proposal.
Living Area
Designed and visualized by : Amr ELshipli @2021
Cafe Design
Freelance Artist
Designed and visualized by : Amr ELshipli @2020
Winter Lake House
A.M Studio
My personal project when waiting for a winter coming
Guest villa in Karelia
Freelance Artist
The building is designed in a modernist style, the architectural composition is dominated by concise, simple geometric shapes, forming a single-storey building volume with a flat roof
Luxury Villa
Freelance Artist
Designed and visualized by : Amr ELshipli @2021
NY street
Freelance Artist
I always have been attracted by the city of New York and it was time for me to make a picture about it ^^ I also have used this project to practice my 2d characters superposition.
UNIKATO Residential Building by KWK Promes.
Residential Building
Residential Building by Arkoconsult architects
House in the Forest
House in the forest by Florian Busch Architects
iddqd Studio
Project to explore new approach in creating hyperreal images. Done with Houdini, Vray for Houdini
Scandinavian House II
Yann Visuals
Scandinavian Apartment • 002 // Recreating an interior with the aim of creating beautiful and photorealistic visuals.
Calling the faithful
Freelance Artist
Hello, again World. It's been a while since my last Personal project. Today I'm coming with a piece of art from the Austrian 19th Century painter " Ludwig Deutsch " " Calling the faithful "
Villa near Tbilisi
Paralel Visualization Studio
Bare Concrete Villa near Tbilisi
Nuremberg Apartment
Helldoor Visual Studio
Design and visualisation of a commercial pilot study for modern and cozy living within the walls of Germany's second largest industrial vacant property.
School Trip
School trip" - V.N. Gaia's environment museum competition. Architecture by: @nmsarquitectura + @dulcineiasantosstudio images by:
Oslo Residence
GT 3D Design Criativo
External Images of the Oslo Residente Development, with some Closeups
Pink Cake
Insignia Design Group
new design shop in Saudi Arabia done by insignia design group
Comfort Above All
Pixer Visual
Spacious spaces with the famous iconic Portuguese charm.
Tota & Donadoni
Pixer Visual
Law office and shopping arcade
BCC Restaurant
Pixer Visual
Tranquil and elegant dining space of a Resort in Portugal.
VL_040 - Bedroom_03
Freelance Artist
VL_040 is a unique project designed to suits the clients vision.
Welcome to the new U.S. Bank Center.
The Icon
This is a colorful 17-storey apartment building located in a busy junction in Melbourne.
Villa in Tskneti
Paralel Visualization Studio
Villa in Tskneti is a place of admiration of nature and picturesque views through modern minimalist architecture
Via San Gottardo
Chalet Design
Freelance Artist
Design for chalet in Saudi Arabia,
Glass Tower - New York
High Resolution Studio
A building project trying to reflect some moments of New York for a Glass Skyscraper.
Freelance Artist
Reinterpretation of the classic in a modern way with earth pastel colors to complete the project
Hallowen spooky Full CGI animation
Olive Apartment
Freelance Artist
Olive Apartment is an eclectic mix of Wabi-sabi and Minimal design.
PLPV North France
Lumicene V
A full immersion experience during any season of the year.
CGI - Somewhere
One of my recent projects, I hope that you like it!
Ceresiana Palace
Woodman Furniture Coll
Visualisation of furniture in arrangement.
Once Upon a Time
Freelance Artist
Once Upon a Time... in NYC. Hope you like it!
CGI - Scandi
KNB Visualization
We're happy to share with you our training project for Scandinavian style!
Freelance Artist
Client: DEN, N.Y., Visualisation: Reyaz Alankandy 3Ds Max l Corona renderer l Forestpack l Photoshop
CGI -Cabin
KNB Visualization
Project: Cabin in Norway. Find us more:
Tropical Island
Tommy Jansen Media & Design
I created this tropical island with the following softwares: Quadspinner Gaea, 3DS Max, Vray and Forestpack.
Bright appartment
Tommy Jansen Media & Design
Made these arch visuals as a personal project. We were about to move in to this new appartement and i wanted to see how we could decorate the appartement in the best possible way.
Villa Munich
AV8 Studio
Villa Munich, Project location: Munich, Germany - Design & CG: Av8 Studio - Software: 3ds Max, coronarender, Photoshop
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