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Andre Matos
5SRW is the way to go, The method is simple and very effective, teaches you photography approach to create realistic 3D images (image reference: Daniel Reuterswärd).
Erika Hrivikova
Thanks to the 5SRW Method, my workflow has real structure and progress is really visible. The amazing thing about 5SRW method is that everything is under one roof, one person is explaining everything to you so finally it all makes sense. Erika Hrivikova - Slovakia
Dave Bowcutt
The 5SRW methodology provides and elegant streamlined approach to 3D visualisation which has enabled me to progress my work much more effectively than previously possibl. I would recommend that any artist apply the 5SRW method to their work. Dave Bowcutt - UK
Francesco Langella
The 5SRW course is a must! This method has turned my initial confusion into a precise path to follow in every new project. Highly recommended for beginners as for experts.
Roberto Boga
5SRW is a great course, due to the simplicity in using the software suggested by 5SRW method. I thank Ciro for what he did with this method.
Stefanie Chapman
Even a short time with 5SRW has allowed me to leap forward with lighting, rendering and postproduction. Ciro is a gifted teacher, he breaks down complex processes into easy to apply methods. I highly recommend this course. Stefanie Chapman / England
Maxinoiu Dragos
For me learning the 5SRW Method has helped me to achive realism in my work. After finishing the course it changed my workflow and put me on a correct path. I was able to produce realistic images fastly and easily Maxinoiu Dragos - Romania
Ruben Barrera
Since I found my way into 3D Archviz, I've never found such a precise, simple and exciting method as 5SRW.
Giovanni Caloi
Approaching your work in the correct way, is the key to succeed, especially in commercial works, where clear ideas and a correct workflow need to be crystal clear. 5SRW helped me a lot, teaching me the most important "know-how", going in deep, right to core, without useless technicisms. Thank you guys. Giovanni Caloi / Italy
Naike Malachowski
The success of the 5SRW method is based on its logical structure. Once you understand how photography, framing and light balance work, you'll be able to take any project to a next level.
Herbert Mugabi
I'm very happy with the 5SRW method and the team that put it together because it is so simple and efficient and I've been able to quickly improve my work. I'm not really new to the cg world and at the most turn been frustrated going through the internet to find good solutions. Almost didn't sign up for this course too, thinking that it might be the same situation like those that I've already seen on the internet.
Jorge Morales
The 5SRW method allows you to understand how light behaves in any project to be visualized; it doesn't matter if it's a nightlight or daylight scene, it will guide you to the perfect final shot. I have to thank Ciro for his amazing lessons. Jorge Morales - Colombia
Colin Langley
Personally the 5SRW course has totally revolutionized the way I work, cutting down my development time from weeks and weeks to literally a few days! Thank you Ciro! Thank you Learn V-Ray team! Colin Langley / South Africa
Kenji Nakashima
I'd like to underline the simplicity and effectiveness of 5SRW Method, each time I am more convinced, I am learning the correct workflow. "Thanks Ciro Sannino".
Rohit Kohli
This course helps simplify and speed up the process to achieve photorealistic results in the most effective way. Rohit Kohli - Kenya
Marcos Artuso
"The 5SRW method really helped me, I think the best part of it, is that it teaches you photography and how to have a photographic approach in renders, and you can use it forever, even in real photos. Its not a trick or tip that will go away in the next update. Thanks a lot!" Marcos Artuso / Brazil
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