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Altieri Juan
Altieri Juan BehanceAltieri Juan at Facebook
Estudio A2t

Altieri Juan

Based in Uruguay.


Juan  began learning 3d cad applications around 2000. He likes the designing process as a whole process. For him 3d art  is a hobby and a way of life. Now he is working at his own 3d design studio A2T and his suggestion to all of us: "Just be yourself". 



ArchitecturePhotographyComputer Animation.


Could you describe your career path to us in a few words? When did it start and how did you get involved with this job?

Ok well, I began learning 3d cad applications around 2000 but I"m not sure if I really decided to become a 3d artist then or it was just a means to get away from the formal architectural way and get involved with computer graphics.

Now I am a full time 3d designer, I always try to get involved in other architectural fields such as design architecture, I take part in competitions (as a designer, not only as a visualizer) because I like the designing process as a whole process. Also in our job we deal with architectural designing processes every day and that is what really makes this job so amazing.

Is 3dart only a job for you or something more? Please tell us your feelings about 3dart.

For the majority of people it is simply a job, but in some cases, like mine, it is a hobby and a way of life; well, design is a way of life in every way.

Have you ever won an award for your work or even any distinctions at the forums you participated in?

I think I am really lucky because awards have really been at the right moment in the right place.

The best of Evermotion - 2005; Vismasters image of the week - 2006

Ballistic Publishing - Architecture Excellence Award, Elemental 3 Book (2008), from Elemental 3 book, the World best autodesk art (2008)

Ballistic Publishing - Architecture Excellence Award, Exterior Picture - from Elemental 3 book, the World best autodesk art (2008)

3d Award - Cgarchitect 2009 edition, Best overall Picture; 3d Award - Cgarchitect 2009 edition, Best Interior Picture

3d Award - Cgarchitect 2009 edition, Industry choice

Ispirato Book, 43 Visualization artist around the world (included) - 2011

Vray Workshop Image of the week nro 4 (may 2012) and nro 18 (Set 2012) 

Which are your plans or better your goal for the future?

I am really not sure about what I will be doing tomorrow. I guess learning from my own experience every day is something I always try to do and also adapt to an ever-changing career.

Please give some advice to our members who would like to join Vray world Club. How can they be inspired to create their personal projects?

"Just be yourself", and try to get some inspiration from the real life more than from other renders since there is no better render than real life. Moreover, try to remember that this is not a technical job but an artistic one and if your plan is to make a photorealistic render, try to get your picture to look like a good photo and not just like a photo…grass is not more important than the overall look of the picture.


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