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Denko Marek
Denko Marek at FacebookDenko Marek Twitter

Denko Marek

Based in Slovakia.


Marek Denko was born in 1980 in former Czechoslovakia in the small town in the central part of Slovak republic.He fell in love with computers in 1991 with his first Atari 800XL. In 1995 he discovered the magic of 3dstudio R4.He finished High school in Banska Stiavnica and Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology. In 2007 together with his friend and ex-colleague Peter Sanitra, he established NOEMOTION studio located in Prague.


Architecture, Digital Art, VFX, Photography. 


Could you describe your career path to us in a few words? When did it start and how did you get involved with this job?

I started to play with 3d as soon as PCs were affordable to normal people... around 1995 probably in my country. I was on the high school at that time.

During my university studies I played with 3d even more and started to freelance. I worked as 3d artist in several companies but later on I decided to setup my own studio which is called Noemotion ( We are doing quite well ever since.

Is 3dart only a job for you or something more? Please tell us your feelings about 3dart.

3d is the only thing I did in my life for living so both 3d work and 3d art are bounded. It's all connected. When you are good at something and people recognize your work it's inevitable that work offers will come soon.

Have you ever won an award for your work or even any distinctions at the forums you participated in?

I guess awards  ment a lot to people when community was young and growing. I have so many community awards that I stopped counting.

CGsociety choice gallery awards, 3dtotal awards... these kind of stuff.

Most prestigious one is probably Autodesk 3dsmax Master 2007

My works are included in several books:

Prime - The Definitive Digital Art Collection

Ballistic Elemental 2 - the world’s best Autodesk’s art

Ballistic Exotique - the world’s most beautiful CG characters

Ballistic Expose 11 - Finest art in the know universe

Phantasia - Czech and Slovak digital artists

Digital art masters vol.2 - Vol.9

and dozens of works published in several 3d art magazines around the world.

Which are your plans, or better your goals for the future?

Well as a father of 3 my plans are quite predefined/ruined for some years (LOL).. So besides work and artwork I'm giving as much time to family as I can.

Please give some advice to our members who would like to join Vray world Club. How can they be inspired to create their personal projects?

Opened foolish minds and honest hard work. Thanks for opportunity and Cheers to everyone!


Related Projects.

WasteLand Fortunes
Hello everybody! It's been busy year (work, family, swimming, chess but mainly afternoon naps) but after long long time I've finally managed to finish this thing!
Her Eventual Hesitation
During the summer 2016 I came across this beautiful Volkswagen Transporter parking on the front yard of the house where the English teacher of my daughter lives...
Long Gone Eights
A little tribute to late 90s Audi a8. It started with a simple lighting test doodle but at some point I decided to work on it and see how far I can take it.
Relay Outpost 17
Autumn at Relay Outpost 17
Return to Prime Even
I've been quite busy with work during 2014 but despite all I was able to spare some time and work on my personal artwork called Return to Prime Even.
Get The Real CGI
This short animation is made completely in 3d. I’ve spent some time to create nice grass/bushes/trees elements pretty much from the scratch. Animation was made as a promotional clip of noemotion.
This illustration called “Souvenir” is inspired by the shelf lit by the late sunset trough the trees.
Rooftops and Rockets
After long breaks I was able to finish my next personal artwork. Finally! It’s been 2 years back when I started to work on it.
After a while I’ve finally finished my new personal project called “Eldorado”. The soil was originally made for a commercial print but the client refused this version asking for less violent soil and so on and so on… We all know how these clients/studio stuff work.
Under The Highway
Under the southern highway. Whole scene is done as models. No photography used. It was the first time I’ve have used vrayfog directly in the render so rendertime was a little higher but it was completely worth it. No extra plugs used.
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