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Lima Thiago
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3D, Consulting & Online School

Lima Thiago

Based in Brazil.


My name is Thiago Lima, I´m graduated in Graphic design and I worked for a long time developing projects for Branding, Web Design, 2D Animation fields, among other ad campaigns. I have always been fascinated by 3D since childhood as a lover of video games and I wanted for a long time to enter on this field just to make 3D animated characters for video games.

Someday I found a free Blender workshop for games taught by a Brazilian company called Gamion. In this workshop I tried very hard and among the 20 people who attended I was the one who stood out. At this time I became interested more and more by CG, but I had no internet and no friends of this field, then you can imagine how complicated was my learning path.

After this day I started on my own, testing other programs like Maya and finally 3DMax which is the software I work until today. I began to do some Render tests and show to some friends until one day one of them sent me a job in the Architectural 3D field, and that was a little step to focus intensively on my 3D studies, specially on ArchViz.

Years later, I was invited to work in a big company in Brazil called Z-Axis, focused on Advertising 3D. I was less than a year in this company and I could see that in fact my goal was to go back to being independent, working for me again and improving my skills as fast as I could. Currently I work almost 100% focused on Consulting for 3D companies, Workshops, Masterclasses and specially Online Courses. I rarely work for direct clients, only in cases where in fact the client wants my specific Artistic 3D Style.




Architecture, Digital Art, Illustration.


Related Projects.

Under Short Film
3D, Consulting & Online School
Below is a full 3D Animation showing architectural projects through a melancholy point of view. The first version of the whole animation was rendered on a single notebook using Corona Renderer.
Pinup Collection
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
This is a personal project focused specially on study how to do a perfect interaction between 3D environment and real photo.
Butterfly - The short film
Thi Lima - Design 3D & Animation
An outstanding project designed by Thiago lima, a great Brazilian 3d artist. When he was just a kid, he painted butterflies in a nice way...
Course Scene
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Octane Render Course Scene | Architecture, Illustration, Digital Art.
Axyz Environment
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Axyz-Design environment | Architecture Art Direction Illustration.
Flying City
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Flying City - Daniela Donato & Thi Lima | Architecture, Art Direction, Illustration.
French Loft
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
French Loft | Architecture, Art Direction, Illustration.
Molten Chocolate
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Molten Chocolate | Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
Vizpark Rreal Fruits
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Molten Chocolate Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
Wasp Close Up
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation
Wasp close up | Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art.
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