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Mikhalenko Andrey
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iddqd studio

Mikhalenko Andrey

Based in Belarus.


My name Andrei Mikhalenko. I'm leading artist in IDDQD Studio and freelancer based in Minsk, Belarus. I create 3D Visualization and 3D Illustration.




Digital ArtArchitectureInterior Design.


Related Projects.

iddqd Studio
Some of the environment done with Megascan and all the rest done with PS. I hope you'll like it!
North Wind
iddqd Studio
3d architectural artwork, created in collaboration with kava.architects.
iddqd Studio
Architecture & visualization done by me, I hope that you like it.
No One Is There
iddqd Studio
Loneliness, emptiness, nostalgia, dark and warm, sedative light without hope, It's some of many things which I wanted show by this work. It's my personal artwork. All models are unique and as always created by me.
The Shelter For The Dreamer
iddqd Studio
All models created by me and they are unique. I hope that you like it!
Unforgotten Heritage
iddqd Studio
A project in which we intend to spotlight some of the extraordinary architectural masterpieces of the previous times that are still glaring even through the shadow of their oblivion.
The House is empty
Freelance Artist
My new personal work. All models, as always, created by me.
Saturday Sleep
Freelance Artist
All models my own. All fabric was modeled using Marvelous Designer.
Freelance Artist
My new work, I hope that you like it!
Freelance artist
My last project, a speedy sculpting, I hope that you like it!
A sacred place of the Ewoks
Freelance Artist
My last project, I hope that you like it.
House under bridge
Freelance Artist
My concept of house under bridge. The main idea was to use an old & unused bridge as a house. All models and the biggest part of the textures created by me.
Still Life
Freelance Artist
A still like render in which i also practiced my First steps in Mari.
Freelance Artist
Hi guys this is my last personal project trying to practice modelling and rendering of a corn.
Empty horizons
Freelance Artist
The era of the Industrial Revolution.
Modern tower
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone. The practice of adding to the environment in Photoshop.
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