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Miksa Tomek
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Miksa Tomek

Born in Poland.


Tomek is the owner at Downtown Studio, a talented 3d artist, with his own dramatic style, has created great projects. He encourages us to be brave and open-minded with our creations as 3d art is full of emotions!


Architecture, Digital Art, Photography. 


Could you describe your career path to us in a few words? When did it start and how did you get involved with this job?

Professionally I have started my arch viz journey back in 2007 when I have joined a 3d team for architectural practice in Dublin, Ireland. Then I was working as freelancer for some time and in 2010 I joined MIR. This was an amazing experience and a turning point in my carrier. At the moment I am running my own arch viz studio called Downtown.

Is 3dart only a job for you or something more? Please tell us your feelings about 3d art.

I consider myself as a very lucky person because my job is my passion and I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life. Of course there are moments when you want to stay away from the desk and you are forcing yourself to complete the project in time.. Fortunately there are also moments when you are in some kind of trans, when you know... you see that you are creating something special & unique. I could say that It is all about that feeling! 

Have you ever won an award for your work or even any distinctions at the forums you participated in?

Few of my projects were recognized and awarded and the most significant are 3d Award for commissioned image in 2014, 3DTotal Excellence Award, page in Ballistic Publishing Expose 11 and of course VW Club Artist award :)

Which are your plans, or better your goals for the future?

My plan is to work less and spend more time with my family and friends. I think that the right balance is everything, isn't it?

Please give some advice to our members who would like to join Vray World Club. How can they be inspired to create their personal projects?

My advice is to be brave and open in their creations. Train your eye, composition, lighting skills with camera, that will help you a lot both in 3d and PS (post production) work. Our art speaks more about emotions and not tools.


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