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Fabio Palvelli
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Cover Images 2020

2020 was another great year for the *Club. We present to you the 52 cover images of our *Group on Facebook. Time for inspiration!!!

Week 01.

Multi-purpose Pavilion by Mohammed Bekhit & Amir Mostafa Omar.


Week 02.

Apartment complex by Batis Studio.


Week 03.

We will not be allowed into heaven by Kirill Vasilyev.


Week 04.

Zombies in abandoned Powerplant by Matt Ludwinek.


Week 05.

Waiting to heal by Bernardo Arroyo.


Week 06.

"Quando la roccia incontra il mare" by Konstantinos Anninos.


Week 07.

Exterior Futurista by Diego Bercovich.


Week 08.

The Time of Change by  Aristotle Gaddi.


Week 09.

Siesta by Lucia Frascerra. Credits for the original Photo: David Miller.


Week 10.

Henge Hill by Bartosz Domiczek.


Week 11.

Hope by Di Ya'a.


Week 12.

Gwangju, South Korea, City Main Library by Dominik Mateášik - Mozes. Architect: Croquis Design Studio Dubai.


Week 13.

QBB Tower by Łukasz Brzozowski | Team: Łukasz Brzozowski, Mariola Popławska, Paweł Sewastianik.

Week 14.

Into The Woods by Reyaz Alankandy.

Week 15.

Jean Valeanu , 1938- Boat house by Zoicas Viorel-danut.


Week 16.

Morning by Nguyễn Ngọc Luận.

Week 17.

Small double-height apartment by Konstantinos Anninos.


Week 18.

CGI - OLD TOWN by Ander Alencar.


Week 19.

Residential Building - Twin House by Ilya Galinsky.


Week 20.

Riga Residential Property by Yellow Studio.


Week 21.

Sabaduri Forest by Michael KH.


Week 22.

Caribbean Bungalow by Moisés Hernández.


Week 23.

Scorn of Men by Bartosz Domiczek.


Week 24.

West Village R8 by Edgar Barbero Mera.


Week 25.

UK villa by Vic Nguyen Design.


Week 26.

Island House by Paweł Pęcherzewski | Architecture by Michael Piche.

Week 27.

A Walk In The Forest by Qusay Abubaker.

Week 28.

Rice fields by Aleksey Karetin.


Week 29.

Jonas's house by Santi Sanchez.


Week 30.

Residence la Longue Vue by To Tien from 4Pixos | Bourgeois Lechasseur Architecture.


Week 31.

Moonlight 2020 by Vittorio Bonapace.


Week 32.

Tribunal de Paris | Renzo Piano by Mihran Hovsepyan from Warrior-Cgi.


Week 33.

Polar Station by Roman Roschencko.

Week 34.

New York at night by By Tô Tiến from 4pixos Academy 
Inspiration Photography by Lerone Pieters.


Week 35.

Middle-Earth: Market in Minas Tirith by Jacinto Monteiro from Metro Cúbico Digital.


Week 36.

MORNING HUNT by Dorka Somlói.


Week 37.

In the middle of the jungle by Fabio Fragiacomo.


Week 38.

Valle de Guadalupe by Hossein Yadollahpour.


Week 39.

Green Smoke by Magdalena Marczak.


Week 40.

Radice Della Vita by Aristotle Gaddi.


Week 41.

Serifos Villa by Kostas Tsilivis.


Week 42.

Future by Aleksey Karetin.


Week 43.

Nursing Home in Bussigny-Ouest, Lausanne by Jacinto Monteiro from Metro Cúbico Digital.


Week 44.

Sunlight Infusion by Yellow Studio.


Week 45.

Potrezzo by Roy Ghaya from Kframe.


Week 46.

Halloween bar  by Eugene Maliy.


Week 47.

Golden Gate by Bruno Monteiro.


Week 48.

Personal project by Nikola Buncic.


Week 49.

Lofoten Islands by Hossein Yadollahpour.


Week 50.

The Sewing Room By Konstantinos Anninos.


Week 51.

Boston Waltz by Kirill Vasilyev.


Week 52.

Winter Cabin by Quoc Thang.


Have a great 3D Year 2021 & Keep rendering!


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