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Fabio Palvelli
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TOP10 | 2020 | Month 08

TOP 10 monthly projects on VWArtclub Forum. Congratulations to all the Artists & Thank you for your participation!


Tribunal de Paris | Renzo Piano by Mihran Hovsepyan from Warrior-Cgi.




The White Nest by Abd-alrahman Al-sayed.




Sokcho Hotel by Joongmin Park from Animinstudio.




Sneip by Amin Paseban Haghighi.



After the rain by Vic Nguyen Design.




Cinematic of Maersk Tower by Szymon Biegaj from Outrun Studio | Design: C.F. Møller Architects




New York at night by By Tô Tiến from 4pixos Academy 
Inspiration Photography by Lerone Pieters.




Middle-Earth: Market in Minas Tirith by Jacinto Monteiro from Metro Cúbico Digital.




Sport Complex Erasmus University by Wojciech Jasiński | architecture: VenhoevenCS




Carneilia Ain Sokhna by Ahmed Foaud from Vanilla Studio for Ajna Development.


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