VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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SOA Academy | Learn Corona Renderer The Right Way.
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Realistic Interiors.
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Horoma School.
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*Jobs - Architectural Visualizer.
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We are looking for a nice and creative cover image for our FB Page!

1st Place Prizes.

400€ Cash & 1 free version of NAG ALL | Automatic Library Lister.

1st Place.

"Among the stars" by Teodor Vladov from Helldoor Visual Studio
Idea: It's a personal one. The image depicts how I felt the first time I was introduced to the group (thank you, Tsiky Imanoela) - I was really amazed by the number of incredible 3d-artists gathered in this group. Felt like a baby that really wants to reach for the sky but cannot quite do it... As I later got 'accepted' in the group, with an image of mine being added to the gallery, I genuinely enjoyed becoming a part of this all-star group. That's it!

2nd Place.

"Growing Kid" by Deepak Jain
Idea: I see my kid growing with the alphabet. Every day when he practices writing them, I feel and imagine something. When he was writing V & W, he formed this beautiful logo and design, which captured my mind. It is so simple but yet so strong and clear.

3rd Place.

"VW Resort Island" by Qusay Abubaker.  

Idea: Thinking about this concept was neither easy nor hard. We all know that this place (VWArtclub) connects us, 3D artists, worldwide, from different ages to different cultures. I represented VW as a resort where we all can meet and come from everywhere to chill out.


4th Place.

"Ballons" by Miroslav Laurov

Idea: Who can't remember these colorful balloons? I was always trying to take the most impressive one, and when I had it in my hands, only a big smile could cover my face :)


5th Place.

"A Respect For This Way Of Art" by Kartik Lakshminarayan
Idea: A continuous effort to record what happens in the 3D World daily. Take your coffee, sit comfortably and enjoy the process. Because one VW visit per day keeps the doctor away!

6th Place.

"VW Lego" by Mohamed Ibrahem

Idea: A productive society that would have been impossible to build without the cooperation of all its members. Lego Workers express to the artists / Members that without them, VW wouldn't exist. VWTeam expressed by a soldier ensures that things are running in the right way.

7th Place.

"My Precious" by Hamid Reza Goli.  

I just played with materials and Techniques. It does not matter what I want to say; what matters is what you want to see. Sometimes, a picture is just a picture without meaning, and you enjoy seeing it!


Congratulations to all 3D Artists, and thank you for your participation,

Kind regards & Keep rendering!


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