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TOP10 | 2024 | Week 13

TOP 10 weekly projects on VWArtclub Forum. Category: Exteriors.




The Nicole residential complex comprises three unique spaces: the dynamic Nicole Club, the fashionable Nicole Residence, and the prestigious Nicole Suite Collection.



"Residential Block"
By Mihhail Jassinover | Yellow Studio  

Manufaktuuri: The factory building was transformed into a residential block. By yellow studio.



"De Waker Goirle"
By Yuconvr 
Architecture: Maas-Jacobs 

Maas-Jacobs is developing a unique plan in the center of Goirle. 28 apartments and a commercial space will be built on the corner of Tilburgseweg and Kalverstraat. The complex has been carefully designed and fits in with the existing built environment. Various types of apartments are being built with various layouts and living areas. In short, a varied choice for future residents! 



"Beach House"
By Bao LeLHBStudio  

This is a two-level house with two bedrooms, two full baths, and a dining room. It also has a great room, a heat pump, and a drilled well. The property is in a community with a playground and is close to other recreational facilities.


"Classic House"
By Ilya Galinsky  

The project has been amended, the house has been shortened slightly, and a new structure has been added. A terrace with a swimming pool connects the house to the sauna.


"Villa in the UK"
By Trung Nguyen | A1 Vision.
Developer: Sky Construct    

Courtyards are a common feature in British architecture. They can be found in everything from grand houses to traditional pubs. This image depicts a small, paved courtyard with a central tree and stone steps leading up to a doorway in the background.



"MG House"
By Gabriel Fiuza  

A simple wooden house with a layered roof. This style of house is common in rural areas of Brazil and is surrounded by a grassy field.





"Da Figueira House"
By Martin Jevčik   
Architecture: Stemmer Rodrigues Arquitetura
Photographer/Reference: Marcelo Donadussi





"Private Villa"
By Roy Fredy  

A modern house with a clean-cut design. It has a white exterior with large windows that offer a view of the outdoors, creating an open and bright feel. The rectangular swimming pool directly in front of the house creates a sleek and luxurious feel.




"Concrete Villa"
By Arnaud Klein  

An architectural design work done in my spare time. Various inspirations from contemporary Belgian architecture and Danish interiors.




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