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TOP10 | 2024 | Week 15

TOP 10 weekly projects on VWArtclub Forum. Category: Exteriors.



"Hotel Geroge V"
By Mihran HovsepyanWarrior-Cgi  



"The Cove"
By Oba-Adenuga Adeoluwa  

A Realestate Visualization Project completed in 2023. It's a waterfront development to be built along Jabi Lake, Abuja Nigeria. I enjoyed not just the outcome but the process of completing the project. It was a great learning experience.


"Costa del Sol"
By Nobrand studio  

From Nobrand Studio we show you a commercial project in Spain. It was interesting to play with the sun and the intense blue sky of the Costa del Sol in Malaga.



"Hotel And Residences"
By Paralel.  

This is the Hotel and Residences in the historical District of Tbilisi. Because the construction site is located in the multicultural and colorful part of Tbilisi, it was important for us to achieve diverse visuals.



"Architectural Competition"
By Anastasia Volyk | VA-ARTS
Architecture: P2PA  

I AWARD in the Architectural Competition:
"New Conservation and Storage Center of the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland"


"The Mosque Al Haram"
By Mohamed Lamine Boualita    



By Ilya Galinsky 
Architecture:Bogachkin & Bogachkina  





By Oxygen    
A remarkable example of how strategic partnerships can have a substantial impact on housing affordability, Sawmill is a residential development in the East Fraser Lands River District that accommodates 337 affordable housing units within a 26-storey tower with 220 dwellings and a six-storey mid-rise building, offering 117 rental units ranging from studios to three-bedroom residences.





By Vanilla Studio  





This variant became a “wave” – separate sections grouped into a dynamic composition with one dominant tower ending the rhythmic row. The dialog of the city and nature became the basis in the landscape – architectural volumes organize two courtyards with different themes. The space facing the embankment is designed on the basis of smooth, “natural” curves, while the courtyard facing the city is built with the simple geometry of straight lines. The “wave” also appears on the facades of the complex — a combination of solid glazing and aluminum panels combined in a complex pattern, creates a sense of flickering ripples on the water surface.




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