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Weekly TOP10
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TOP10 | 2024 | Week 16

TOP 10 weekly projects on VWArtclub Forum. Category: Exteriors.



"The Arc"
By Vanilla Studio
Architecture: Raef Fahmi 

We are all passengers aboard one ship, the Earth, and we must not allow it to be wrecked. There will be no second Noah's Ark. 



"Mistrzejowice Train Station"
By Adrian Dlugosz  

I'd like to present my second personal project to you. It's a reinterpretation of my engineering diploma. It was part of a bigger park solution for the edge of Cracow's district, "Mistrzejowice," built from scratch in the spirit of socialist architecture, typical for 'the 60-'80 Polish People's Republic. The train station is supposed to be the main point of improved public transportation city solution.


"Conceptual Project"
By Daniel Podlecki | Azur  

Warsaw is growing, and new, high-quality public spaces are popping up everywhere. We love working in such an environment, and we find city shots the most fun of them all. Here's one of the recent sketches from the capital of Poland. This is a conceptual project.



"17th Century House"
By B-Lev Studio.
Architecture: Avramova & Associes  

We are extremely happy to assist "Avramova & Associés Architects" in reconstructing a 17th-century house in Bavent, France.



"Polish Royal Opera"
By Anastasia Volyk | VA-ARTS
Architecture: APA Wojciechowski  

We invite you to check out our newest publication on Behance: "Polish Royal Opera Architectural Competition". II AWARD in the Architectural competition for developing an architectural concept for the Theater of the Polish Royal Opera in Warsaw.


"Molhe da Montevideu"
By Artur Vilaca   

I would like to share with you, one of the last works I did. "Molhe da Montevideu" building in the city of Oporto, Portugal.



"Herman Debroux"
By  Provisual Pro 

Herman Debroux is a project to renovate an existing building, where the critical element is the combination of white concrete and wood in the facade. The white concrete gives a modern and elegant look, while the wood elements add warmth and natural texture. This combination provides the building with a contemporary yet cozy and natural look.





"Villa Laconia"
By Dusan Pajantic    
Happy to share the images created for Villa Laconia, a gem nestled among olive trees in the heart of Peloponnese, Greece.





"Palm Desert"
By Beta Theodorakopoulou  

This is my latest project for a house in Palm Desert, California.




"Unique Way Of Education"
By Beyond Visual Arts  
Architecture: b-architecten  

The Faculty of Engineering Technology Gent students are free to follow their program at seven locations in Flanders. We are happy to have been commissioned by b-architecten to craft the visuals for the new building of education and student housing KULeuven.




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