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Join RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month contest and win 250 Render Points and promotion during a whole month!
Boeing 777 by Arteconi Giacomo. We've created a set of images and an article to illustrate the process of 3D modeling and rendering a Boeing 777 Aircraft Interior. The web is full of tutorial of interiors but we couldn't find anything related to air crafts. We've chosen Corona Renderer for the quality and simplicity of the rendering engine.

NCA - New Club Artist.

NCA is our annual award for two New *Club Artists. Our monthly winners participate in this contest. VWTeam selects the annual winners, who win remarkable prizes from VW Sponsors as well as a place in our Club section, primarily based on its high-quality standards.

Every year we have a total of 24 winners, 12 from ArchViz and 12 from VizObject awards. VWTeam, having always high-quality standards as a criterion, selects the two annual winners.


  1. How photorealistic or artistic the artists' projects look. 
  2. The quality of the basic principles of their 3d artworks. That means photographic approach, lighting, materials, render settings & post production.
  3. The way they promote their work through their network.


The prizes for the New *Club Artists are:

  1. A free license of V-Ray renderer.
  2. A free license of Corona Renderer.
  3. A free license of Multiscatter.
  4. Interview and promotion with a personal page inside our *Club section. 
  5. 150euros voucher 3D Models by Design Connected.
  6. 500euros for products by CGAxis (five different collections).
  7. 250euros voucher by VIZPARK.
  8. 250euros voucher by RebusFarm.
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