VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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SOA Acasemy.
SOA Acasemy.
Welcome to SOA Academy, the international training center for Architectural Visualization.
Archviz Award - May 2017.
Archviz Award - May 2017.
In Circle by Lopusny Stefan.
Vizobject Award - April 2017.
Vizobject Award - April 2017.
Miner by Chen Yi.
Archviz Award - July 2017.
Archviz Award - July 2017.
The Lake House by Alekseeva Olga.
Vizobject Award - August 2017.
Vizobject Award - August 2017.
Bugs by Kieser Oliver.
Archviz Award - August 2017.
Archviz Award - August 2017.
Street by Ramezani Morteza.
Vizobject Award - July 2017.
Vizobject Award - July 2017.
Porsche 550 Spyder by Kliver Grigorii.
Trocinski Kamil.
Trocinski Kamil.
Salt. Pepper. Basil by Wyszolmirski Tomasz.
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Visual Wander.

Visual Wander is a series of Architectural & 3D Photography *Contests. VWTeam selects the TOP10 & the *Club members vote for their favorite one. Remarkable prizes in cash and 3D stuff by VW Sponsors!


1. Cost of participation 40€. ( The 80% will be given to the winners).
2. Creation of the project during the year to date.
3. Only Still Images are acceptable. 
4. Post your projects on VWArtclub *Group.
5. Add the #VisualWander2019 inside your description.
6. TOP3 Winners should send us a valid invoice in order get paid. For EU citizens a registered VAT Number is a must.



1. How PHOTOREALISTIC & ARTISTIC the project looks.
3. QUALITY of the basic principles of 3D Art. That means modeling, Framing, lighting, materials, post production & Level of difficulty/idea.


Prizes TOP3.

TOP3 projects will receive the 80% of the total amount in cash!
1st Place:  50% | 2nd Place: 30% | 3rd Place:  20%.


1st Place Prizes:

VIZPARK  -> VP COMPLETE (599.00 €)

CGAXIS -> Unlimited Plan (349$)

V-Ray -> 1 year of FairSaas 1WS + 3 Nodes license. (340 €)

RebusFarm -> 300 Render Points (300€)

Corona Renderer  -> 1 year of FairSaas 1WS + 3 Nodes license. (289.99 €)

Design Connected -> Voucher (150 €)


2nd Place Prizes:   

VIZPARK  -> VP COMPLETE (599.00 €)

Corona Renderer  -> 6 months of FairSaaS 1WS + 3 Nodes license. (149,94€) 

CGAXIS -> Professional Plan (49$)

RebusFarm -> 200 Render Points (200€)


3rd Place Prizes:   

VIZPARK  -> Omnitiles Standalone - Perpetual (349.00 €)

Corona Renderer  -> 3 months of FairSaaS 1WS + 3 Nodes license. (74.97€)

CGAXIS -> Standard Plan ($ 39)

RebusFarm -> 100Render Points (100€)


Prizes TOP5.

FREE *Wanderers (60€) or *Studios (120€) account on VWArtclub website for one year.


Prizes Participants.

All the participants will receive a free *Group Supporter account for one Year. 


The submissions end at 30/11/2019 and the winners will be announced at 20/12/2019. 


Jury Team.

VW *Club Artists.


Ways To Pay.



For Bank Transfer or Western Union do not hesitate to CONTACT US!


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How many projects can I submit?
As many as you wish but only if they have been created during 2018.

2. Could I pay with credit card?
Normally yes, using the Paypal Method. 

3. What means 3D Photography?
3D Photography = Very high level of realism for architectural visualization and only still images not animations.


Have a great 3Day & Keep rendering!


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Be A *Participant.
Be A *Supporter.
Be A *Wanderer.
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