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VW *Quality Standards.

Read all the quality traits that a project should have so as to be published both on our website and on the social media in detail.

VW *Quality Standards. 5-10 rating system. 5 only for the effort.


Modelling Skills.

The most basic element for a proper model is smoothing so it can look realistic with no steep angles, shading and other flaws. It is also really important that the artist uses his own models or at least modified premade models but with his own materials so as they don't look like the ready-made ones anyone can find in the marketplace. We have noticed that lots of projects look so much alike because the exact same models have been used by the artists.

Vertex Studio



The photographic approach of a project, as well as the composition of each picture that is a part of it, is a very important element. Wide-angle lenses which give distorted objects are considered a negative trait contrary to the multiple shots and close up shots which are an additional positive element.



Light Balance.

This is what we call the Alpha and Omega in a 3D rendering. Use real and qualitative reference pictures so that you can notice the behavior of the light in a real scenario. When the lighting in a setting is created the right way, then we could say that everything looks easier to actualize and more fun. (creation of the composition as well as the elements of a setting).




The creation of the materials should be based on their natural qualities in such a way that they add realism to the final outcome. We have noticed projects, published in our Groups, where although the lighting of the setting is very good the materials aren't that good and thus the final outcome lacks quality. Nevertheless, we would like to remark that we separate projects in two basic categories.

1. Photorealistic: The project should look real and with a photographic approach. Nice and realistic composition - lighting mood - materials and so on. 


2. NPR (Non-Photorealistic): There are no rules about the realism of the image. The most important thing is the mood of the image and the post-production skills. Well combined colours, correct brushes, nicely applied people in the scene and so on.

Unique Vision Studio


Post Process.

Depending on the render engine you use, there are always some final adjustments for a noise free and qualitative outcome concerning colours and contrast. You should follow the instructions that can normally be found on the official website of each engine. Otherwise some post production techniques are absolutely essential for your final result.


Difficulty & Idea.

Our last criterion for choosing a project - which of course isn't necessary but if it exists it's a major plus - is what we call "General Idea". Something which is innovative and you can't find in the work of other artists. In short, that element which shows the personal style of an artist.


Concluding, we think it’s important to mention that when we look at a project we don’t want perfection but the soul of the artist, the love with which he approached his piece of art and the effort he made to complete it, finally achieving a qualitative outcome and a beautiful picture.

We especially ask the new 3D artists to visit this link. In all those articles you will find really useful information for a level up of your work. As you can see they are categorized. A 3d artist should be an Architect somehow, an Interior designer, a Photographer and so on... 


Kind regards & Keep rendering,
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